It takes one to know one

Blue Magnet knows that in order to fully understand an industry, it's best to experience the business from all sides--as both a customer and a service provider.

At the core of Blue Magnet glows a passion for hospitality, sparked by years of hotel experience. Within Blue Magnet we continue to assume the roles of front desk agents, directors of sales, bellhops and general managers for our clients. Our talented team comprises online marketers, project managers, designers, developers, search engine specialists, account managers and client service professionals.

Online marketing is important, but who's got the time?

As a hotelier, you most likely found us because online marketing is just one more laborious task to add to your ever-growing list of important responsibilities at the hotel. Whether you've come to us as a Director of Sales, General Manager or Revenue Manager, you've already got too many responsibilities to juggle without having to add hotel online marketing to the mix. Google, Bing, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, Expedia…how do savvy hotels have time to keep up with all the current and upcoming online channels and still have time to operate the hotel? That's our responsibility. Blue Magnet knows how hotels work, and even better, we speak the same language.

We set the BAR higher

How are you supposed to conduct a successful search engine marketing campaign if your online marketing company doesn't speak the same language as you? After all, a hotel can only refer to its BAR so many times before the marketer begins to question the hotelier's sobriety. The hotel world is ripe with acronyms and industry jargon that marketers must understand in order to create an effective online presence. Blue Magnet's founders spent years working for individual hotels and at hotel corporate offices; therefore, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities available in the hotel industry today.

Ultimately, Blue Magnet's goal is to save you time and preserve your sanity when it comes to marketing your hotel effectively online. Our success extends beyond just major brands like Hilton and Marriott into independent hotels and management companies as well.


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