The Vendor Machine

We wouldn't be the modest, marketing behemoth we are today without the help of our vendor partnerships.

We know our strengths. However, we also know our limits, which is why we form strategic partnerships with vendors we trust in order to ensure that we effectively cover all the additional media and marketing services a hotel might need.

Blue Magnet only recommends third party vendors whose quality of work and commitment to hotels we know we can truly stand behind. Our vendors don't hand us large burlap sacks stuffed with cash and stamped with large black dollar signs as incentives for promoting their services. These partners have simply proven themselves to be experts in their niche, and we're proud to be able to stand behind their work.

In a sea of photographers, video production specialists and eProposal developers, we know it can be hard to sort through the mess to find the genuinely reliable partnerships. That's why we do the work for you and can make recommendations based on your specific needs.

Here are some vendors that develop phenomenal hotel products or offer excellent hotel services that make us proud to identify them as Blue Magnet partners:

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