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AMPlify Your Site With Accelerated Mobile Pages

If your hotel has an independent website, take a moment and consider its features that you value the most. No matter what these features are, they should always have this clear goal: provide the user with a high-quality experience that convinces them to reserve a room.

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social media hacks

Social Media Hacks for 2016

Social media trends can change as fast as it takes to write an email, create a post, or send a tweet. Keeping up with each fad and the best practices of each platform can be confusing, especially with all the constant updates.

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Responding to Negative Feedback

How to Deal With Negative Feedback on Social Media

Imagine this: your hotel’s social media accounts are growing quickly and you’re producing interesting, creative content that users are engaging with. Then, one morning as you are sipping your coffee and checking in on your hotel’s accounts, you notice it… the dreaded, negative comment, right there for all to see.

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