Creating Engagement-Worthy Content

Curation: The Key to Increasing Engagement

Creating content is hard, especially with limited budgets, time, and resources. Not to mention, the content that your hotel is publishing is not only competing with content from other hotels but also with content from other brands, other industries – even users’ family and friends. In the digital world, community managers are constantly trying to think of creative ways to attract and engage followers.

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MozCon 2016 Recap Blog

MozCon 2016 Recap: Making Mobile Work For You

For three days every year, digital marketing devotees head west and invade Seattle, enthralled to drink the same Kool-Aid as their favorite industry insiders in hopes of learning impactful tactics we can apply to our own marketing strategies back at our agencies.

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Blog Image - Blue Magnet's 10th Birthday

Blue Magnet Turns Ten!

In the frosty Washington winter of 2007, Matt Bitzer and Chris Jones set sail on an epic journey in the world of hotel digital marketing. With a vision to bring the hotel industry into the 21st century, Matt and Chris formed Blue Magnet Interactive, built a phenomenal team of talented marketers, and forged amazing relationships with our hospitality partners.

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Hotel SEO Campaigns

The Anatomy of a Hotel SEO Campaign

Every SEO agency will say roughly the same thing in regards to search engine optimization – it is a never ending process. There is always something else to do, another link to build, another topic to optimize for, or another way to make the web pages load faster. They all say this even though you have a limited budget and your budget doesn’t include endless SEO work. Do you just let your SEO agency run through their standardized checklist of SEO activities and hope for the best or is there a better way to use your budget?

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