Put on your party hats and crank up the jams! Blue Magnet Interactive just turned eight! We’re super excited about our birthday, and like any eight year old, we can’t wait to celebrate (we really hope there’s cake). We are extremely proud of our team and of our accomplishments over the years.

Happy 8th Birthday, Blue Magnet Interactive!

…Come to think of it, Blue Magnet pretty much is an eight year old - a big, weird eight year old. Consider it. The company is experiencing a growth spurt, adding team members and clients on a regular basis. Internal improvements display heightened awareness, organization, and maturity. Blue Magnet’s commitment to ongoing training and education fosters the skills and knowledge to achieve excellence every day. And, as always, Blue Magnet plays well with others. Baller’s Ballers tee-ball league, anyone?

Look at me. I’m rambling again.

To commemorate our eighth birthday, our amazingly talented Executive Team has composed a series of reflections on why Blue Magnet Interactive is such a truly special place. We hope you enjoy.

Sharing Knowledge Fosters Better Teams & Stronger Partnerships ~ Matt Bitzer, CEO

There is a lot of darkness across the web. Unscrupulous marketers peddle snake-oil SEO solutions, digital deceptions, marketing myths, and pipe dreams of first place Google rankings, hoping to cloak the world of digital marketing in their debilitating haze of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. In my 8 years with Blue Magnet I’ve learned that education is a powerful guiding light against this sort of ignorance and misinformation, and I believe it’s one of the most important tools we currently provide to both our team and our client partners. We’ve always found that the more educated our partners are about our services and about the web in general, the better questions they ask, the more open they are to experimenting with new digital opportunities, the more engaged they are in their own success, and the better their campaigns perform overall. It doesn’t help anyone to lock this information away. In fact, we often share our knowledge freely across the web--as we do in this very blog--with the understanding that by cultivating a more knowledgeable community everyone wins. Not every client partner wants to know the intricate details of how we optimize a title tag, but understanding why we do it goes a long way in deciphering our efforts behind the scenes, thereby fostering the strong partnerships for which we have always strived.

That Blue Magnet Burning...No Need to See a Doctor, That's Just Our Passion ~ Chris Jones, CMO

I’ve come to realize that passion can breed greatness in every facet of what we do at Blue Magnet. The amazing team members of Blue Magnet Interactive have a unique spark which shines throughout all aspects of the company. Team members not only have passion for their individual accountabilities, but also for our company as a whole. Each day, our team members embody our mission statement, vision statement, and our company values. They have passion for this great industry, which is easily identified through their contributions to the Blue Magnet blog. They exhibit passion for our clients, which I see daily when I overhear monthly status calls. I express my passion every time I speak to a hotel interested in Blue Magnet services. I always make an effort to avoid coming across to a potential clients as “that sales guy.” Just last week I met with a hotel partner to discuss our company and how we can help achieve their marketing goals. I stopped at one point, and flat out asked if my excitement for Blue Magnet was perceived as salesy. His response: “No, what you just expressed was beautiful!”

You’re Only As Good As The Team Around You ~ Kim Amour, Executive Director of Services

I literally cannot say enough about the incredibly talented team I am lucky to surround myself with at Blue Magnet Interactive. In my near four years with the company, I have realized that all my successes and the successes of others have been accomplished with the support of fellow teammates. Our office is a collaborative workspace where everyone on the team is happy to join a last-minute brainstorming session, pitch in on a project to meet a deadline, or help find the answer to a client’s question asked on the spot. Our training program is on-going and constantly evolving, as our team is hungry to learn and become the most knowledgeable digital marketers in the industry. That being said, no one withholds their knowledge, but rather shares all findings, interesting articles, creative ideas, and constructive feedback so that everyone on the team is able to improve and do the best at their jobs. All of our successful campaign performances and superb client satisfaction are attributed to a collaborative team, each person accountable for his or her own responsibilities. Each month, we recognize the accomplishments of our team members and select a winner of the Blue Magneteer Award. It’s no secret that behind every victory is a supporting cast of remarkable, collaborative, brilliant team members.

It’s Nice to be Nice ~ Patrick McCarthy, Director of SEO

A drunk old Irishman named Gerry once told me, “It’s nice to be nice.” At the time, I thought he was just being a drunk old Irishman (which he most certainly was), but after working at Blue Magnet Interactive for over 3 years, I have realized that Gerry was not just drunk (although he was drunk…so drunk) - he was also right. I love what I do at Blue Magnet, but for me the single most important facet of the company is the simple and genuine niceness of everybody who works here. Our team members get along, treat each other with kindness and respect, and are always happy to help each other. The pure niceness of everybody at Blue Magnet is arguably our secret to success and is something that I believe every company could benefit from regardless of the industry. So the next time a drunk old Irishman gives you some words of wisdom, don’t immediately discount them; he might be right (but he probably won’t be. You should have heard the other stuff Gerry told me…).

Just Say No ~ Katharyn Vera, Director of Design & Development

As someone who loves a challenge and strives to accommodate the most unpredictable of requests, saying "yes" often has created many new, exciting opportunities. While this has certainly been the case in working at Blue Magnet Interactive over the past three years, I have also learned that carefully saying "no" is crucial in setting your company and team up for success. If the partnership isn't the right one or if the additional business will be burdensome to an already-busy team, then it may be time to gracefully say "no." No business is worth sacrificing excellence and balance, and when the right opportunities come along, you will know that they are right for your company. Best of all, you won’t have to say “no.”

My Eyes or Your Eyes - Sometimes You Just Need a Fresh Pair ~ Abby Heft, Director of Hospitality eMarketing

I love brainstorming. I love bouncing ideas back and forth. I love teamwork as much as the next gal, but at Blue Magnet Interactive I’ve learned to take it to a whole new level. What I’ve discovered over the past 3+ years is that better ideas come with an extra set of eyes. Every once in a while, a client gets so involved in providing excellent hospitality and maintaining his/her property that he/she overlooks unique perks that make the hotel truly special. The same goes for us Blue Magneteers. We may be looking at an idea through the lens of a technical SEO magician on any given day, but when sending it to our more creative workspace neighbor, the idea can really blossom.

Oh, You Have a Plan? Throw It in the Trash. ~ Stephanie Hilger, Director of Social Media

In the online marketing industry, things change as much as I change my clothes before I leave the house (read: a lot). While it is great to have a game plan, it is important to understand that it is okay to stray from that. Google routinely updates its algorithm, causing us to revise our SEO strategies accordingly. When new technology comes out, our websites must adapt. Do not even get me started on social media… Odds are, once you are used to Facebook’s layout, they will change it again. As soon as you are comfortable in Facebook’s Ads Manager interface, another update is made. New channels pop up out of the woodwork. Twitter incorporates new technology, and Pinterest adds analytics. The list of changes and updates to social media in 2014 alone was miles long. Working at Blue Magnet, I have learned that being able to adapt to clients’ needs--as well as whatever the internet throws my way on any given day--is an important skill to have. Our plans and processes are just a guideline for success, but welcoming change is what keeps our marketing efforts flexible and effective, and it’s what keeps things fun and exciting for our team.

We’re Not Perfect, and That’s Okay! ~ Kelsey Nupnau, Assistant Director of Accounts

One of the best parts about working at Blue Magnet Interactive is the fact that our team is not afraid to try new things. Whether we succeed or fail, we always build off of our experiences. The Blue Magnet environment is built for brainstorming sessions (we have a lot of them!) and encourages team members to test out new ideas; whether we’re creating a fun and crazy Facebook promotion or playing with a website to find new ways to enhance user experience, our team is full of creativity and ready to take on new challenges. There are a lot of online marketing companies that get stuck in the same day-to-day services, and often are afraid of thinking outside the box, fearing failure. Our team would not be as successful as it is today if we operated in that way, which is why we continue to challenge ourselves, try new things, and embrace failure as a new opportunity!

In Conclusion...

It’s only natural to step back and think, “Wow. Eight years. I can’t believe it.” Eight years is a long time, and Blue Magnet has come a long, long way, but really we’re just getting warmed up. Our company has grown up from two fresh-faced youths with a vision - instant messaging each other from the comfort of their apartments while crunching on Doritos - into one of the most trusted names in online hospitality marketing. Blue Magnet’s services have expanded and matured, even earning the company a cherished Outstanding Website Award in 2014. The company has moved, moved again, and expanded its offices. While faces have come and gone, our team continues to elevate our strategies and standards. Our portfolio of hospitality partners is ever-growing. Sometimes it’s hard to fathom how far we’ve come.

So it’s easy to think, “Eight years, I can’t believe it.” Well, buddy, you better believe it. When you consider the dedication, passion, comradery, talent, and quality of our team, there is no reason for disbelief. Blue Magnet’s collaborative, genuinely supportive, and deeply knowledgeable team embodies Blue Magnet’s core values and pushes the company forward every day. Eight years is no fluke. When you surround yourself with great people who really care, adjust with an ever-growing knowledge base, and have fun while doing it, you can get a whole lot done in eight years. Here’s to many more.

Happy Birthday Blue Magnet Interactive! Boom.

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We are honored that Web Marketing Association named the Blue Magnet Interactive-designed The Residences at Biltmore responsive site as an Outstanding Website in the Hotel and Lodging category for 2014.


It is a privilege to be recognized for our team's hard work and continued commitment to providing top-quality digital marketing services for our hotel partners. The Web Award program is now in its 17th year and is "the longest running annual website award competition dedicated to naming the best Web sites in 96 industries while setting the standard of excellence for all website development."


Redesigning The Residences at Biltmore site was no small feat, but we jumped at the opportunity. We are proud to share the exciting journey and excellent results with you below.

The Situation:

Prior to partnering with Blue Magnet Interactive, The Residences at Biltmore's website was aesthetically uninspired, was not properly optimized for search, and delivered a poor user-experience. The site was extremely text-heavy, lacking high-res imagery, and dominated by a dull green background. The site was also difficult for users to navigate and littered with broken links. Since it was not mobile-friendly, users were forced to pinch and scroll on their tablets or smart phones to obtain more information or attempt to book a room.

Overall, the site was not selling the luxury Asheville experience. The Residences at Biltmore is an independent hotel and their website is their primary source for online bookings, so not having a fully functional site was highly problematic.

The Action:

Our development team rolled up their sleeves, eager to take on the challenge and transform the lackluster site into a functional and beautiful booking tool. They began an extensive discovery phase to get a solid understanding of the local Asheville area, competitors' strategies, target demographics, and the hotel's unique selling points. Since the hotel already had a website, the Blue Magnet team worked with the hotel to uncover any technical issues that could pose a challenge later on such as domain or hosting problems.

Then, they set forth to conceptualize a visually appealing site that would allow the hotel to better market their luxurious and modern all-suite accommodations and sell more value-add packages. Asheville is quickly becoming a leading tourist destination for U.S. leisure travelers, so they made sure that the redesigned site highlights the area's captivating scenery and appeals to guests looking for a balance of outdoor adventure and blissful relaxation. The redesigned site was also built responsively, so that shoppers can easily navigate and explore, regardless of browser choice or device.

And, on top of all that, the team revised the site architecture to ensure that it is more intuitive than the previous site, which had a very confusing sitemap. A user can now easily travel through the site and find all the information they are looking for in just a few clicks. Before launching the finished product, our account management team conducted a thorough keyword analysis to ensure the site's meta content and on-page copy was fully optimized and provided relevant information.

The DesktopTransformation:



The Mobile Transformation:

residences at biltmore mobile site redesign

The Results:

The below results are from Google Analytics and compare data from Jan 1 - Aug 31, 2014 to data from the same time period in 2013. The new site launched end of August 2013, in between these two comparison periods.

Bounce Rate decreased 25% YOY, demonstrating an improved user-experience. Users are finding the hotel's website based on relevant search queries and are not bouncing off the page after unintentionally landing on it. As the site is now responsive, users are also able to read the content and navigate the site much more quickly on mobile devices and do not have to pinch and scroll excessively. Therefore, they are less likely to exit the site or switch devices to continue shopping.

Mobile Traffic increased 23% YOY, showing increased visibility and usability for mobile shoppers. Prior to development, our design team customized mobile versions of each desktop comp to ensure that the mobile site would contain only information deemed necessary for mobile shoppers. When the site breaks down from desktop to mobile, various high-res images are stripped down or cut out altogether and certain elements transform into mobile-friendly buttons. This creates a faster page load time on mobile and improves the ovearll mobile shopping experience.

Does your hotel's website need a renovation? Contact us to learn how our award-winning team can help transform your hotel's outdated website into a user-friendly, informative, and successful online booking platform.. 

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At Blue Magnet Interactive, we're only as good as our moms claim that we are. Luckily for us, our moms all seem to think we're pretty great… but do they have any clue what we actually do at work? When they brag to their friends about their very own "SEO expert," do they think their kid is optimizing sites for search engines or officiating social experiences? On this Mother's Day, we decided to put our lovely moms and grandmas to the test. See how well the moms and grandmas behind Blue Magnet Interactive understand the ins-and-outs of online marketing. 

Inspired by Moz's blog How My Mom Thinks Search Engines Work, we ventured out to see if our moms knew what SEO, PPC, and hashtags are.

If you need a reference before partnering with Blue Magnet Interactive, just call one of our moms. We promise they'll give an unbiased review of how amazing we are at SEO, PPC, and social media. Thank you, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

See Also: Meet Kelsey's MomMeet Tim's MomMeet Jourdan's Nana

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At Blue Magnet Interactive, we're only as good as our moms claim that we are. Luckily for us, our moms all seem to think we're pretty great… but do they have any clue what we actually do at work? When they brag to their friends about their very own "SEO expert", do they think their kid is optimizing sites for search engines or officiating social experiences? On this Mother's Day, we decided to put our moms to the test. See how well the moms behind Blue Magnet Interactive understand the ins-and-outs of online marketing. 

*Questions adapted from Moz's blog: "How My Mom Thinks Search Engines Work"



1. What do you think I do at work all day?

Kelsey's Mom: I think you do many things at work - I suspect you approach what you do using some of the knowledge and experiences which you have learned in college, some from life, some from your family and a lot because you are an incredibly intuitive, gifted and creative person. I expect you work with great passion and focus…hopefully not too intensely, as you can be a bit intense at times when you are passionate about something - also you're kind of a big deal.

What you actually DO? Well, I think it is in marketing, account management and relatively technical. You work supporting clients who are hoteliers or their management groups in the hospitality industry. You provide advice on having an internet presence, implementation and ongoing use of their websites, you may even design a portion of them and then report back on the analytics received by the website.

I think a big portion of your account management role is in relationship management - specifically when working with the clients to not only understand their business and their needs, but communicating with them regularly and keeping them updated on what's happening in your space and how it can apply to their success - it's all about REVPAR. Yeah, I know that term HA!

2. What does SEO stand for?

Kelsey's Mom: Service Excellence Office - anyway that is what it is where I work. Otherwise, I have no idea.

3. What does PPC stand for?

Kelsey's Mom: I can think of two things - Presales Price Calculator - which I use to price services at work or Project Plan Coordinator - which is also a role of someone at work who oversees status of projects and their documentation. Bet that is not what you are looking for.

4. What is a Hashtag?

Kelsey's Mom: When I was growing up it was something left in the bottom of a bowl you smoked…of course I never did that ;) but that's what I heard. Today is it an overused phrase for the number sign, #, which can be overly annoying when talking to people under 21.

5. If you were looking for a mechanic close to you, what would you do?

Kelsey's Mom: Talk to my close friends on who they use for a mechanic - depending, of course, on how well their cars run. I have one friend whose car is trashed - they LOVE their mechanic - I would never go there.

6. If you were looking for advice on how to train a dog to stop barking, what would you search for?

Kelsey's Mom: My slipper or a rolled newspaper.

7. How far down the page on the search results will you look?

Kelsey's Mom: I read the first three sentences - if you don't have my interest by then you won't.

8. If you don't like the results for those searches, what would you do differently in your second search?

Kelsey's Mom: Flip the words around - so instead of "Mothers Day" I would rerun it as "Day Mothers" - always interesting to see what happens.

9. How do search engines like Google decide who to put at the top of a search result?

Kelsey's Mom: I'm certain it has to do with a combination of who pays for what advertising and analytics on hits for pages that are more popular than others.

10. How do search engines make money?

Kelsey's Mom: I suspect selling space on their pages….or their souls like the rest of corporate America.

11. If you owned a small flower shop, how would you try and get to the front page of Google for when people searched "fresh flowers"?

Kelsey's Mom: Well I would ask Google how much does it cost to get to the front page and then decide if it fit my budget or just take my chances.

If you need a reference before partnering with Blue Magnet Interactive, just call one of our moms. We promise they'll give an unbiased review of how amazing we are at SEOPPC, and social media. Thank you, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

See Also: A Mother's Day Tribute (VIDEO), Meet Tim's Mom, Meet Jourdan's Nana


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We pay Senior Account Manager Abby Heft in melted nacho cheese.

It's possible that she concocted the idea upon hearing that circus elephants are sometimes compensated with peanuts…in cartoons. In fact, within her original employment agreement at Blue Magnet she crossed out the proposed salary and wrote in "nacho cheese," then approved the revision with the initials AH (and cheesy fingerprint smudges) to lock it in.

But while you, sane reader, may question her logic, you simply can't argue with Abby Heft's performance, as our first Blue Magneteer Award winner of 2014! Fueled by a steady income of liquid gold, Abby bounds over hotel eMarketing hurdles like Superman leaps tall buildings…if he were on a raging cheese high.


Dizzying Highs & Terrifying Lows

But with every dizzying cheese high comes the inevitable, terrifying lactose low. It turns out Abby felt like she was hitting a wall with one of her favorite Pacific Northwest hotels. Site performance was starting to plateau, local competition in the market was heating up, and general site growth was beginning to taper off. But Abby loves her hotel client in Bellevue, WA. So much so, in fact, that it prompted one team member to question that if she loves it so much why doesn't she marry it. So, as with any committed relationship, Abby wasn't about to toss in the towel without a fight.

Abby To The Rescue

After analyzing the situation, Abby's first goal was to generate more web traffic by optimizing the site for "Bellevue hotels" related keywords, a competitive term with high search volume with which the hotel had always struggled. Taking action, Abby re-optimized every page and scrubbed away hundreds of spammy links pointing to the site. It wasn't long before the keyword "Bellevue hotels" rocketed to the top of the charts for search query volume in Google Analytics' Search Optimization charts.

In addition to SEO, Abby also revised the hotel's on-page user experience by including more enticing special offers and prominent calls-to-action in key positions throughout the site. As a result, the number of guests who checked room availability on the site jumped 76% for the fourth quarter of 2013 YOY. Most importantly, that increase in clicks yielded a cheese-melting 18% surge in standalone site revenue this quarter over the same period last year!

With performance like this, it's no wonder Abby claimed the January 2014 Blue Magneteer Award. Said Abby upon claiming her award: "Thank you, Blue Magnet! I'm going to keep kicking ass in the name of hotel emarketing everywhere. Just make sure you keep delivering those buckets of nacho cheese to my door."

Not to worry, Abby--as long as you keep working your magic, Blue Magnet promises not to cut the cheese.

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As social media becomes a larger and more powerful marketing tool for hotels, consumers are getting more particular about which brand and business pages they communicate with. Online communities interacting with your hotel are becoming more focused and detail-oriented, so hotels must provide relevant and community-oriented posts to keep their audience engaged. Managing an active social media presence is not easy. Time is precious, and staying in-the-loop with community events and happenings can become overwhelming. Luckily, there are many informative resources available to all social media managers to ease the stress of managing a social media presence for your hotel. Whether you are managing your hotel's social media in-house or you are providing social media marketing services from off-property, you can ensure that you're always establishing the hotel as a local expert on social media with the tips below.

Pro Tip #1: The best local resources can be easily found...locally!

The lobby of your hotel can sometimes seem like its own community, but it's important to stay abreast of local events happening in your neighborhood, town, and city. Bookmark local news sites and sign up for area newsletters to filter nearby events and happenings directly to your inbox. Not only will this save you time scouring the web for relevant content, but it will also save your guests time! By spoon-feeding useful and relevant local event resources to your guests on social media, you are eliminating their need to proactively search for nearby activities which ultimately enhances their hotel experience. The following resources will provide you with great information about local community events, news and happenings, which you can then share on your hotel's social networks.

Neighborhood Patch website

Many neighborhoods or communities are covered by an online Neighborhood Patch. These hyper-local online resources are backed by AOL, and they focus on news, events, local businesses and more. They are often managed by a single editor who is also very active on social media. As you scan see in the screenshot below, I used the the Walnut Creek Patch to alert the hotel's Facebook fans to free yoga sessions nearby!

diamondblog patch

Convention and Visitors Bureau newsletters

Your local CVB is often an ideal resource for community events, dining guides, and attractions. Their job is to promote various goings-on in your area, which in turn makes it much easier for you to learn about local events and attractions. They are also great resources for more unique local attractions, such as outdoor hiking trails! In the example below, I found unique content on the local Asheville CVB's website to promote the town as a "Hunger Games" fan tourist destination on the hotel's Facebook page.

diamondblog cvb

Local magazines and publications

Have you ever walked by a newspaper stand featuring free local newspapers? Be sure to pick one up and take a look, you may be surprised at what you can find! Local publications are often ideal resources for learning more about your local dining, music, sports and entertainment options. From 'best of' dining lists to weekend previews, be sure to check out your local online or published newspapers or magazines for some great social media content. Plus, many national publications such as 'Eater' & 'Serious Eats' manage their national accounts alongside local-focused sites. These lists are very helpful resources for visitors and locals alike so don't be shy about sharing this content from your hotel's social media sites. I like utilizing community-based publications, such as 'Diablo Magazine', to share 'Top 10' type lists on Facebook or Twitter that our guests can explore during their next visit.

diamondblog localpublications

Atlas Obscura and Roadside America

Would you like to provide your social media fans and guests with something to do in the area that is a little different than the typical tourist attraction? Then look no further than Atlas Obscura and Roadside America, two websites that will guide you to the most unique and offbeat locations in your area. From haunted bars to wacky museums, you'll find it all on these unusual sites. By promoting unique attractions on your hotel's Facebook page, you showcase a distinct personality that sets your hotel apart from its competitors. Below, Embassy Suites San Luis Obispo thinks outside of the box by highlighting a hidden gem in the area with the hotel's Facebook fans, courtesy of Atlas Obscura.

 diamondblog atlasobscura

Pro Tip #2: Actively monitor to avoid actively searching.

You may not consider Twitter and Facebook to be search engines, but the search functionality on these resources can actually prove to be a more efficient use of time for a social media manager than searching for content on Google or Bing. In addition, Google offers a great resource through its Google Alerts that allows users to save time and energy by eliminating the need to dig through pages of search engine results.

Monitoring mentions and keywords on Twitter/Facebook

The simplest way to stay in the loop online is by monitoring hashtags about your city! Both Twitter and Facebook organize topics by hashtags, enabling you to easily monitor community-related topics, events, and news. In the screenshot below, I am searching for tweets that contain #asheville to see what is currently going on in the city. The snowy weather seemed to be a common theme in #asheville on this particular day, so I used that information to guide the hotel's tweets for the day.

diamondblog keywordmonitoring

It's also beneficial to use a social media monitoring tool to help you easily filter through Twitter conversations and engage in valuable interactions. At Blue Magnet, we prefer to use Sprout Social to help monitor conversations on various social channels. Their 'Smart Search' feature lets us follow hashtags and key phrases so they appear in our inbox, whether the person included our Twitter handle in their message or not. For example, in the screenshot below you can see how this hotel's social media manager utilized 'Smart Search' to monitor tweets containing keywords "hotel in San Diego" and proactively extended an invitation to a potential new guest!

diamondblog sproutmonitoring

Filtering articles to your inbox through Google Alerts

Google Alerts allows you to save time actively searching for content to share on social media by filtering recently published articles right to your inbox. You can easily customize the types of results you want to see and how often you receive them. You can filter your results by news, blogs, and even video. For example, if you are managing social media for a hotel in Chicago, you may want to set up a Google alert focusing on "events in downtown Chicago". This way, you will be the first to know when an event reaches news-worthy status as it will arrive straight to your inbox! Your social media followers will appreciate the time-sensitive information and events so they can join in on the festivities.

diamondblog googlealert

Pro Tip #3: Always check the facts because, truth be told, it's not always sunny in Philadelphia.

If your hotel utilizes off-property social media management, it's very important that they stay well aware of details about the local area. This may seem trivial and, yes, it should be common sense, but you don't want to learn the hard way by posting about the beautiful sunshine in your hotel's town when, unbeknownst to you, it's actually pouring rain! Use these simple resources below to ensure that your social media team is on its A-game at all times.

Weather.com - for all your Polar Vortex alerts!

The weather is often a hot topic of conversation, especially during something as crazy as the recent 'Polar Vortex'! Staying on top of temperatures and weather is an important way to connect with the local community. While I am personally guilty of using the weather as an ice-breaker on conference calls, I also know that crazy weather provides plenty of great social media fodder. It is a common subject that can evoke emotion in just about everyone! From safe driving tips in snowy temps to sharing icicle pictures at your hotel, there are plenty of ways to stay involved during weather phenomena. Remember, if you do utilize off-property management, it's important that they are well aware of localized weather so as to avoid any sunshine-focused posts in the middle of a snowstorm! In the screenshots below, you can see good examples of hotels enlightening guests with weather-related updates.

diamondblog weather

CNN.com or a similar breaking news source

When managing your hotel's social media campaign, it is very important to stay aware of both breaking local and national news to avoid any uncomfortable situations. It is never okay to take advantage of a national tragedy to market your own interests, a la Epicurious.com's Boston Marathon debacle. It is also important to always monitor any pre-scheduled posts or tweets. You want to avoid offending others by unintentionally posting during a difficult event. For example, Seamless had scheduled a post on Sept 16, 2013 proclaiming that 'Today is national GUACAMOLE day. Nothing else matters'. Later that day, a gunman fatally shot 12 soldiers at the Washington Navy Yard. This 'harmless' pre-scheduled post turned into a PR nightmare, as it was seen as extremely insensitive in light of current events. Seamless has since deleted and apologized for the post, but it's a big lesson in staying aware of breaking news and keeping track of your scheduled posts. Be especially mindful if you have multiple social media mangers sharing responsibilities on one account, as you should always be in-the-know on what posts are on deck to prevent miscommunications!

diamondblog seamless

Our friends at Sprout Social are well aware of this possibility. During the aftermath of the Boston Marathon crises, they actually posted a warning on their website encouraging social media managers to check their pre-scheduled posts and tweets for anything offensive. Thanks for looking out for us, Sprout Social!

'Hey Google! What time is it in...?"

It is pertinent to stay aware of time differences when posting on behalf of your hotel. While this applies to all social media managers, it is particularly important for those managing social media off-property, Your Facebook post about your hotel's weekend brunch buffet would be perfect to post on Saturday at a 9AM, but if you neglect to factor in the time change and schedule it for 1PM then the effect is greatly diminished. Also, be sure to double-check your AM vs PM scheduled posts. You want to avoid waking up to find that your lunchtime special was posted at midnight! Google is your friend - simply type into Google 'What time is it in..." to verify your time zones before scheduling a time-sensitive post!

diamondblog timezone

Pro Tip #4: Locals know best - and by locals we mean your staff!

Have you ever been asked by a guest, 'where do the locals go?' An often overlooked resource in the social media game for hotels is the staff and guests themselves! Staff members have a unique view of both the local communities' favorite spots, as well as opinions of visiting guests. For guests looking for the BEST french fries in town, or a unique romantic date spot, your staff can often provide personalized, authentic recommendations! Its special touches like these that keep guests returning again and again.

Staff scavenger hunt

Your hotel staff is a fantastic resource for local happenings and providing an insider view of the hotel happenings. I recommend creating a social media scavenger hunt that lists out various locations and amenities of the hotel and having the team partake in a friendly competition to capture as many items as possible with a camera. Smart phone pictures will suffice, so no excuses! Have the staff submit photos of seasonal decorations or a delicious breakfast spread and use them on social media to show your fans what's happening "behind-the-scenes" at the hotel. Behind-the-scenes photos at the hotel tend to receive high engagement with your social media fans because your guests enjoy seeing the great team that makes their hotel experience so fantastic!

Here are some ideas to get your hotel's photo scavenger hunt started:

    • Staff recognition and awards
    • Involvement in community: hotel events, brand events, community service
    • Team spotlights or bios: Chef, GM, Front Desk Manager, Housekeeping Manager, etc. 
    • Seasonal decorations around the hotel
    • Chef specials at the restaurant or bar
    • Action photos of F&B team preparing dinner, staff setting dining table
    • Centerpieces for wedding or special event

Staff and Guest Picks

The staff and loyal guests can also provide great recommendations of their favorite local restaurants and entertainment options. Create a brief questionnaire to compile some of the teams or guests favorite spots in the city so that you can feature their recommendations on social media. For example, when guests check out, ask if they would be willing to provide future guests with some recommendations for exploring the surrounding area. If they say yes, hand them a card and ask them to fill-in-the-blank: "Don't leave San Francisco without…." Then feature these authentic spots that the locals love on social media so your guests can check them out when staying at your hotel! Plus, it will save your social media manager time when they are hunting for the best chicken wings in town. I recommend keeping the guest questionnaire short, sweet, and somewhat vague. You never know what kind of gems your guests may discover during their stay!

Key Takeaways for Providing a Kick-Ass Social Media Strategy

Whether you are personally managing a social media page or utilizing outside assistance, it is important to provide the best information possible for your guests. Keep in mind:

  1. Great local information can be found at your fingertips.
  2. Actively monitor keywords to save time digging through search engine clutter.
  3. Fact checking is key, especially concerning breaking news and local weather.
  4. On-site staff and satisfied guests can be great resources for authentic local recommendations and social media content.
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Before we dive into 2014, it's only fitting to take a moment and reflect on this past year at Blue Magnet! 2013 was a year for the books (and we're not just talking Facebook). Our office grew immensely (by both people and square feet), we hit every curve ball thrown our way (Google Hummingbird? Nice try Matt Cutts), and launched several responsive websites! It takes genuine talent to stay on top of the latest eMarketing trends, adapt to three screen marketing, and survive the #hashtag takeover. Blue Magnet proved that a company formed on industry passion, continued education, and work-life balance can tackle any challenges that the constantly evolving Internet throws our way.


In January, Blue Magnet welcomed Tim Dale to the team as Blue Magnet's newest Associate Account Manager. Since then, Tim has given the rest of the team (and the rest of the world) a run for their money when it comes to writing creative copy. 

Our very own Andrea Mann visited the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas to provide live social media coverage of the hotel’s elaborate grand reopening party as they joined the DoubleTree by Hilton family!

BMI January 2013 


Patrick McCarthy headed south to the Hampton Inn & Nashville Downtown to learn more about the Nashville market and to work with the hotel team to create synergy between BMI, the hotel's off-site Revenue Manager, and the on-site hotel staff. The trip was declared a rousing success by all.

BMI February 2013


Blue Magnet added another Associate Account Manager to the team (enter: Stephanie Hilger). Stephanie’s extensive social media marketing experiences and incredible attention to detail brought a fresh perspective to Blue Magnet’s social strategy.

Brittany Aller and Andrea Mann co-hosted BMI's first webinar with Revinate, "Social Media Campaigns - Strategies & Metrics," to enlighten fellow hoteliers on how to implement and benchmark successful social media campaigns.


Maddy Fuller came on board as an Associate Account Manager. From increasing site visits to executing clever promotions, like Marry Me at Doubletree, Maddy quickly proved that she was a perfect fit for the Blue Magnet Team.

As Blue Magnet's veterans, Abby Heft, Andrea Mann, Kathryn Vera, and Patrick McCarthy approached their two-year BMIversary, a welcoming announcement was made that these four BMI All-Stars would take on the new roles of Senior Account Managers, each with a specialized focus.


BMI celebrated Cinco de Mayo in true Chicago style: a trip to Big Star. Margaritas, fish tacos, and a beautiful spring day? Sounds like the perfect recipe for Blue Magnet team bonding!

BMI May 2013


Blue Magnet lost Senior Account Manager Katharyn Molinaro, but only to gain Katharyn Vera! In June, Katharyn made the trip down the aisle and married the man of her dreams (looking stunning, per usual). Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Vera!

Abby journeyed west to visit some of her beloved clients, The Oakland Marriott City Center and the Courtyard Marriott Downtown Oakland.

We also made the extremely bold decision to sign up for a recreational beach volleyball league at North Avenue Beach. The "Proxy Servers" had an impressive season, even making the play-offs... but we won't be quitting our day jobs anytime soon. We’ll stick to winning the Internet, not the volleyball net.

BMI June 2013


Our hard-working team enjoyed an afternoon away from the computer screens to catch a Cubs game at Wrigleyville Rooftops! Did we win or lose? No one can be sure.

Kim Armour reinvented the wheel in July as she introduced the Blue Magneteer Award to recognize a team member’s excellent achievement each month! Thanks to hard work and "mucho" dedication to a client in the Southwest, Account Manager Brittany Aller was the first to claim the much sought after title!

BMI July 2013


Drumroll please... in August Blue Magnet launched the first of many custom responsive sites that seamlessly breaks down to fit the user’s screen size: Crowne Plaza Wilmington North!

In other exciting news, Tim Dale was promoted to Account Manager and we welcomed two more Associate Account Managers to the Blue Magnet family. Happy to have you on board, Jourdan Dunn and Caroline Scanlon!


Blue Magnet took Chicago Social Media Week by storm in September. Team members attended a numerous educational sessions that discussed topics such as Google +, Social Media's correlation with SEO, and content marketing.

Amanda Diamond joined the Blue Magnet team to share her marketing expertise!

Yet another exciting responsive site launched: DoubleTree by Hilton Raleigh Brownstone - University


Andrea Mann spearheaded our second webinar alongside Revinate, "5 Ways Hoteliers Can Benefit From User-Generated Social Media Content."

We were also excited to welcome Chris Dean as our newest Associate Account Manager!


VFM Leonardo featured our very own Katharyn Vera in the "Ask an Expert" section of their 2014 Digital Marketing Strategies eBook. She provided valuable insight on questions such as, "How should hotels deal with '3 Screen' Marketing?" and "What hotel trends surprised you in a good or bad way in 2013?"

Andrea Mann offered Blue Magnet’s tricks of the trade as she spoke on a Social Media 3.0 panel at the North America Hotel Investment Conference hosted at the Hyatt Chicago.

Our project management team continues to launch beautifully designed responsive sites:  DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago - Oak Brook and Jimmy's On First

BMI November 2013 - VFM Ask the Expert


Kelsey took a trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit Embassy Suites Seattle - Bellevue and Embassy Suites Portland-Washington Square. This site visit was extra special since it allowed Kelsey to see one of her Facebook giveaways come full circle! Over the summer, Kelsey created, organized, and executed the "Love Wins Pride Package Giveaway" for Embassy Suites Seattle-Bellevue. LGBT couples shared their photos and stories for the chance to win a wedding ceremony! Kelsey was fortune enough to attend the winning couple’s wedding ceremony at the hotel!

BMI December 2013

If 2013 was any indication of what’s to come in 2014… well, then here at Blue Magnet Interactive, we are excited to take on another whirlwind of site launches, team members, and innovative marketing strategies as we enter our 8th year of business in the hotel online marketing world!

Stay connected to the Blue Magnet team on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Here's to a successful 2014!

BMI Holiday gif


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From the look on her face, you might think that Associate Account Manager Stephanie Hilger's grin is a result of her recently having claimed the September Blue Magneteer Award! And you would be wrong. If you look closely at the photo below you will see that she is actually staring past the Prize Wheel of Destiny and is, in fact, focusing her attention on the map of the United States. Like Alexander the Great surveying his expanding empire, Stephanie is plotting her next move, eyes gleaming with the possibility of more. Having already conquered the online world, she now hungers for the real one.


That's right. Stephanie has single-handedly conquered the online world. Facebook? Twitter? Google+? She practically invented them.  In fact, Mark Zuckerberg actually calls Stephanie when he has trouble changing his Facebook privacy settings. Foursquare even has a "Stephanie Hilger badge," which you earn by just being as awesome as Stephanie at online marketing--you don't even have to check in anywhere! Legend has it, Stephanie was also the one who convinced Twitter to use the number sign instead of the ampersand for trending Twitter topics. And, as far as I can tell, it was Stephanie who was chic enough to then start referring to the "number sign" as the "hashtag." Until she came around to class it up, Twitter was still referring to it as the number sign and was #totallylost...or as they would have called it: number sign totallylost.

Besides rewriting online history as though it were nothing more than a Wikipedia page, what lead Stephanie down this path to glory and the cherished Blue Magneteer Award? Well, it all started with a client's social media campaign. The goal was to generate consumer interest in a portfolio of hotels by encouraging the social community to vote on their favorite hotel in various categories. Her social media wizardry generated the following impressive stats for the 6 week promotion:

  • Over 1,400 "votes" for the participating hotels
  • 44 new Twitter followers
  • 1,100 new Facebook fans
  • 469% YOY increase in people talking about the campaign

Not only did Stephanie bring new ideas to the table this year, but she was very proactive in setting up the campaign and also very organized in managing the reporting throughout. In addition, once the campaign was over she put together an incredibly thorough report that truly shows how much analysis and thought she puts into every campaign that she manages.

Congratulations to Stephanie Hilger, champion of the September 2013 Blue Magneteer Award! Thank you, Stephanie, for all your hard work and for your drive and determination to conquer any online challenge that crosses your path! 

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At Blue Magnet Interactive, we are passionate about hotel online marketing and we care tremendously about the success of our clients' online marketing campaigns. As one of the founders of Blue Magnet, my primary focus is company growth and new business development. While it's easy to get labeled as "that sales guy," I am not in the practice of throwing out a bunch of BS to get the sale; rather, I try to express Blue Magnet's true goal of positively impacting the hotel's bottom line by being honest and transparent about what they will need to be successful. Blue Magnet is not the type of marketing company that will sell you excessive full-scope packages that are unnecessary for your hotel, nor will we nickel and dime you every time you request an update to your hotel's website. That's never in your best interest, and, consequently, it's not in ours either. Because we know that hotel online marketing is rarely a one-size-fits all approach, we analyze your needs and then create a custom online marketing plan that maximizes your success AND fits within your hotel's budget. 

As many hoteliers have learned through past negative experiences working with the wrong online marketing companies, hotels need to exercise caution in selecting an online marketing partner. Every online marketing vendor operates differently, but being able to spot the warning signs of a bad partnership before you sign on the dotted line can save you a lot of headaches in the end.

When did you last speak to your hotel online marketing vendor?

Here are 7 warning signs that your hotel may be working with the wrong marketing agency:

  1. Lack of Transparency – Avoid vendors who fail to disclose how much time they commit to your account each month and don't provide details regarding the actual tasks they are performing. We're in the service industry, and we are providing our time and that must be budgeted each month. I can't tell you how many times I've spoken with a potential client who is comparing us to a competitor and they say, "Well they're providing the same services, but their cost is $200 per month." The response that is immediately triggered in my mind is: "Really!?! Hmmm. Something doesn't add up. How it is possible that my competitor is providing the exact same services each month yet can execute the services in a fourth of the time Blue Magnet is budgeting?" I've been in the marketing business a long time and I will tell you that for $200/month, they are not putting in the hours necessary for your hotel to be successful in any one online marketing channel (SEO, social, website management, etc), let alone a campaign that focuses on all channels. The bottom line is that this stuff takes time and there is NO automated system that completes all these tasks at a push of a button. 
  2. Spread Too Thin – Avoid vendors that assign you to an account manager who services 15+ other hotels. Unless the account manager is providing an extremely focused level of services for 15+ hotels (i.e. just link building), there is no way your campaign is going to receive the level of dedication needed for success. My advice is to ask your potential vendor if you will have a dedicated account manager and how many accounts each manager handles at any given time.
  3. Proprietary Content Management Systems – Avoid vendors that box you into a proprietary content management system. Most likely you will need a scalable and transferable solution. Over time, the needs of your organization will change, and potentially so could your online marketing vendor. If your website is powered by a proprietary CMS, should you need to transition to a new vendor or bring website management in-house, you will likely have to rebuild your entire website since you will be extremely limited in the content, aesthetic, and SEO updates that you can make on the proprietary CMS. Stick with open source CMS solutions like Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress instead--they're flexible and can be migrated anywhere you decide to move your business.
  4. Expensive Website Hosting Fees – Be careful with vendors that charge you $200+ for their in-house hosting solution. Instead, ask your marketing agency to consider using a 3rd party hosting provider which could cost as little as $10-$50/month depending on your needs. In most cases your hotel website will only require basic hosting services. For $10-$50/month, this cost includes all the server maintenance, account login, and customer service support that you need. More demanding sites will certainly require more powerful hosting needs, but many basic hotel websites can succeed with some of the more inexpensive options.
  5. Unrealistic Guarantees – Avoid vendors that guarantee first place organic rankings in the major search engines. There are no guarantees in SEO and any company that offers them is likely using spammy/black-hat SEO tactics that will hurt your site's search engine ranking in the long run. While Blue Magnet has years of experience understanding how a hotel website can gain high rankings on search engines, no vendor has ultimate control of how Google displays and ranks hotel websites. That will continue to be in the hands of Google. A reputable vendor will be upfront about the personalization of search and the constant changes that the search engines institute which will affect your rank. For this reason, your SEO strategy should not be a "set it and forget it" strategy. Success comes from consistent and continual focus on all aspects of SEO.
  6. Automation Only – It is true that there are many wonderful tools that hotel internet marketers use as a means to maximize the potential of our internet marketing campaigns and in some instances streamline/automate our efforts. This, however, in no way means that these tools remove the necessity of the human element in implementing successful hotel internet marketing campaigns. As I stated above, there are no tools that will successfully automate your entire online marketing campaign.
  7. Level of Service/Response Time – This doesn't take a lot of explanation. If it is taking your vendor 7+ days to respond to you, I wouldn't consider that a true partnership. Blue Magnet account managers typically respond same day or at least within 24 hours. More importantly, it is not all about your vendor waiting for you to contact them. I think it is important for a vendor to be proactive in their account management, which means that in more cases than not, the vendor is reaching out to you even when you have not made a request. Blue Magnet always ensures that our team is proactive in its management of your account, consistent in our communication with your hotel, and innovative in the way we test new marketing channels and strategies. 

Above all, a successful online marketing partnership should be mutually beneficial for both the hotel and the vendor. It is crucial that you choose a vendor that will become a long-term partner for you and your online marketing crusades. Turning over vendors frequently will only stall your success, as you look to build your campaign back up from where the old vendor left off. Looking for the right online marketing vendor is much like looking for the right life partner--you want someone who is honest and transparent, someone who makes time for you, and someone who always sticks to their word. When those conditions are met, the revenue will be sure to follow...and, of course, the love.

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Superstar Blue Magnet Senior Account Manager Katharyn Molinaro recently partnered with VFM Leonardo to share her experiences managing a successful online marketing campaign for the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel. Check out her video below: 

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