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Meet Caroline Scanlon

Brand Strategist


Where are you from and how did you wind up at Blue Magnet Interactive?
I grew up in Maryland, but came out to Chicago for college. One of my professors passed on the opening at Blue Magnet to me after I graduated.

What about Blue Magnet/your role at Blue Magnet do you love most?
I love our team! We have a great group of smart, creative, collaborative people. Blue Magnet wouldn't be where we are today without such an awesome team.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Chicago?
Eat, eat, and eat. Chicago is overflowing with bars and restaurants. I have a very long list of places I want to try for brunch, dinner, and cocktails.

What's a fun fact about you?
I've traveled to 14 countries and 41 states (most of which I've driven to). My goal is to hit all 50 states.

If we lived in a world without internet, what would be your alternate career?
Well considering I applied for this job on the internet, interviewed via the internet, and I work on the internet everyday, I don't think I would have gotten very far without it. I'd probably still be working at my college job at a pet store, dedicating my life to cat food and dog clothing.

If a restaurant were to name a sandwich after you, what would be on it?
I would have to go with the garden herb turkey from the Mariano's meat counter, apple butter, jarlsberg cheese, tomato, and spinach on ciabatta and toasted (of course). It's the best sandwich I ever made for lunch.

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Phone: 877-361-1177 ext. 213