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Meet Jesse Gaver

Senior SEO Manager


Where are you from and how did you wind up at Blue Magnet Interactive?
I was raised on the South Side of Chicago and educated at The University of Arizona. After graduating in 2012 I made my way back to the mighty Midwest accepting a position as a SEO Specialist in the medical industry for two years. Once I knew I wanted to grow my knowledge of marketing I made the move to BMI, as an Account Manager!

What about Blue Magnet/your role at Blue Magnet do you love most?
My favorite part of my role as an Account Manager at BMI is working with clients to take an idea and make it come to life. Whether it's creating a landing page, a social media ad campaign, or re-vamping a page on a site I love seeing the positive return that it has for my clients.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Chicago?
My favorite activity in Chicago is to walk on The 606, a previously abandoned elevated train line that has since been converted into a lush trail that connects three Chicago neighborhoods.

What's a fun fact about you?
Although I love and work in the Internet Marketing field, my degree is from the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of Arizona in Cultural Anthropology & Communications.

If we lived in a world without internet, what would be your alternate career?
If we had a world without internet I would live on a lush chunk of green land where I'd grow and care for flowers, plants, and trees to sell to florists and landscapers.

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Phone: 877-361-1177 ext. 229