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Meet Kevin Malloy

SEO Manager


Where are you from and how did you wind up at Blue Magnet Interactive?
I'm from Tinley Park, after realizing I wanted to work on the client side of marketing and branding I had a really long search for a path that would lead me to be an account manager. I worked in sales for a while for a rather large e-marketing company, but was not satisfied with the level of relationship I was forming with clients, and wanted to do something more substantial. This led to a new job search, which brought me to Blue Magnet.

What about Blue Magnet/your role at Blue Magnet do you love most?
The management style around the office is really great here. There is a significant amount of importance to team morale and it's great to be somewhere that keeps our spirits high to produce quality work.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Chicago?
I love running along the Lakefront! I seriously love running anywhere but when the sun is shining and that breeze comes in off of Lake Michigan, it's just a great feeling.

What's a fun fact about you?
One of my pupils doesn't fully dilate in dim lighting, if you've ever paid attention to how David Bowie's eyes look then it's a lot like that only not as noticeable.

If we lived in a world without internet, what would be your alternate career?
I most likely would have studied Psychology and become a counselor.

If you could have dinner with anyone (living, deceased, or fictional), who would it be and why?
Kurt Vonnegut, he's one of my favorite authors and I'd love to pick his brain and see how he came up with some of his ideas.

What is your favorite/least favorite punctuation mark?
Favorite: The exclamation point! It adds positive emphasis to everything! Least favorite: I can’t stand semicolons; they have such a redundant purpose! I understand that it’s used to make certain phrases work within the rules of grammar, but I think that context should make for enough clarity.

If a restaurant were to name a sandwich after you, what would be on it?
Pulled pork (covered in BBQ Sauce), grilled onions, pepper jack cheese and a kosher pickle, served on a pretzel bun.

What song pumps you up/gets your creative juices flowing?
So American by Portugal. The Man.

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Phone: 877-361-1177 ext. 225