Statistics can be used to prove anything

Surprisingly, only about 25% of hotels are aware of this.

Blue Magnet’s proprietary Concierge Reporting Tool is the easiest way to see how your hotel’s brand website is performing. Based on your brand’s raw website traffic data, the Reporting Tool summarizes the brand’s data into a simple grid and graph that clearly identifies the change in your hotel’s revenue, visits, roomnights, conversion rate and more over time.

The Concierge Reporting Tool can be accessed here.

Some highlights of our Reporting Tool include:

  • Web-based, anytime access to the reports
  • Unique user login
  • Analyze the following metrics: visits, revenue, reservations, room nights, conversion rate, revenue per room night, average length of stay
  • Compare year-over-year, quarter-over-quarter and month-over-month results
  • Explore the different online channels that are driving traffic to your site
  • Filter out specific domains to determine the effectiveness of ad campaigns on specific websites
  • Summarize groups of hotels (great for hotel management companies that need to summarize the overall performance across their portfolio)
  • Supports Hilton and Marriott brands, but will soon support other major brands
  • Additional reporting features are scheduled to be released as part of the Concierge Reporting Tool suite over the next year, including:
    • Search engine ranking reports
    • Third Party website ranking reports
    • Social media analysis
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