Hotel videos increase conversion rates

Potential guests like to see what they’re getting into before they buy. Show them with a video slide show.

The photo gallery page is one of the most frequented pages of a hotel’s website, and quite possibly the page that has one of the biggest impacts on a consumer’s decision to stay with your hotel. Our Video Tour Slide Show assembles 20 of your hotel’s most compelling photographs into a beautiful two-minute video tribute to your property. The images pan and fade across the screen to an inviting soundtrack befitting of your hotel. Most guests won’t book a hotel room without browsing the photo gallery first, so make it easy for them by giving your photography collection the movie theater treatment.

Video Tour Slide Show features:

  • A one to two-minute slide show
  • Up to 20 photos per slide show
  • A variety of background music selections from which to choose, including classical, hip, jazz, modern, upbeat, rock, smooth and more
  • Images pan, zoom and drift across the screen, giving the illusion of dynamic, moving video
  • Distribute the video on a variety of sites, including your official brand site, your hotel’s standalone site, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more

Video Tour Slide Show sample:

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