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We are your online marketing concierge. Let us guide you through the unfamiliar, yet exciting, world of online marketing.

The average hotel generates about 50% of its bookings over the Internet. This raises the question: What are you doing to reach those online customers? Simply having a hotel website is not enough to market your property online. How will potential guests find you online amidst a sea of competitors hungry for your market share? Online marketing makes it possible to share, spread and advertise your hotel's website to potential guests. It's more than simply adding keywords to your web pages. Instead, online marketing is the integration of many efforts.

Blue Magnet Interactive understands the significance of these essential marketing channels and executes each on behalf of the hotel, freeing the Director of Sales to address the many on-site responsibilities that require attention. Our team of hospitality internet marketing specialists assemble an online marketing plan for the year, and guides the hotel through the intricate web of online opportunities.

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