Paid Digital Advertising

PPC for Hotels by Blue Magnet Interactive

Though many major hotel brands run PPC campaigns on behalf of their hotels, these Brand campaigns are typically meant to drive bookings to ANY branded hotel in a particular region, not necessarily to YOUR hotel. On the other hand, Blue Magnet’s PPC objectives are to drive bookings and group business to YOUR specific hotel through customized ad copy and targeting strategies.

So, What in the World is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click (ie: "PPC") advertising is a smart online strategy for hotels that are looking to complement their organic SEO efforts and drive highly qualified traffic to their websites. PPC helps hotels gain more exposure for particular search terms, can draw potential customers back to your site through retargeted ads, and targets specific locations and time periods with unique, time-sensitive ads.

Why Does your Hotel Need PPC?

In many markets, a well SEO-ed website can only get you so far. Hotels have to compete for precious real estate on search results pages, and lately organic listings are being pushed further and further down those pages. Through customized PPC ads, your hotel is able to gain a competitive edge over OTAs and other area hotels while maintaining control of your messaging through unique ad copy and extensions.

What is Blue Magnet's Approach to PPC?

Contrary to popular belief, PPC is not a set-it-and-forget-it advertising technique. Similar to every other service Blue Magnet offers, our approach to PPC entails intensive strategy, A/B testing, ongoing optimization, and collaboration with the hotel to help you achieve your marketing goals.

What Does Blue Magnet Offer?

The process for developing and executing a successful pay per click advertising strategy is very much a collaborative effort between the paid media team at Blue Magnet and you, the expert hotelier. Simply put, Blue Magnet creates and manages text ads on Google's Search Network through AdWords. The goal of these ads is to enhance your hotel's online exposure and send qualified, highly converting traffic to your hotel's website. We create these ads by first understanding your hotel's goals, researching the market and historical trends, and finally coming up with a custom strategy to best implement the ads. From there, we create the AdWords account and get the ball rolling with a compelling copy and extension strategy. Once your ads are live, we monitor ad performance and optimize for conversions. Hotels can always expect a monthly report and open discussion on how to refine our strategies for optimal performance.

Contact us to see if a strategic pay-per-click campaign is the perfect way to reach you ideal hotel guest. We’d love to chat.