Designing and developing your image

Your website represents your product online. The website’s style, functionality and personality create an experience that instantly communicates to your customers who you are. Better make a good first impression.

Hotels often come to Blue Magnet and ask us to create hotel websites with designs that really pop! It’s got to be unique, classy and sexy (but not too sexy), they say. Make sure it’s slick and modern and has all the latest widgets, they muse. In their mind’s eye they know exactly what each of these fairly vague, amorphous descriptions are supposed to look like in the final product. However, every client we come across wants a unique site that’s got a slick design, which is why at Blue Magnet, we work with each client to determine exactly what composes each of those qualities. We know that your online marketing goals should determine the overall functionality and form of your website.

Our design team, programmers, usability experts and search engine marketers all work together to ensure that your site is constructed with your goals in mind. Do you want to promote specials and packages? Are weddings a large part of your business mix? Would you like to grow your opt-in email database? Regardless of what your intentions for the website may be, Blue Magnet will help to shape your vision into an exciting, online representation of your business.

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