Blue Magnet Hotel Online Marketing Guide

4 Tips For Creating Standout Videos For Facebook

Your hotel has mastered Facebook. You are creating interesting and engaging content and your Facebook campaigns are generating a ton of new followers. Now you might be thinking, “What next?” It might surprise you to know there are over 8 billion video views on Facebook per day, with many tech experts predicting that Facebook could be all video in the near future. What does this mean for your hotel? By including video in your hotel’s content strategy, you have the ability to capture the attention of potential guests.

Most smartphones have great quality cameras, making video creation easy and – no professional equipment required. However, there are rules that you should follow to ensure that your video content is successful on Facebook. Here are four tips for creating standout videos for Facebook.

Keep Videos For Facebook Short

While the average television commercial can last a few minutes, the average Facebook video view is three seconds. One of the reasons for such a short viewing time is Facebook automatically plays video when users are scrolling through their feed. Therefore, it is imperative that videos capture the viewer’s attention instantaneously.

Keep your videos as short as you can while also delivering the most impact by using engaging visuals and narrating text. If your video captures someone’s attention, the longer the viewer watches the video, the greater the potential someone will follow your Page and convert into booked revenue. As a hotel, think about what your overall goal of the video is. Do you want to showcase your beautiful event space? Do you want to tell guests about your luxurious amenities? Once you have set a goal, create a video post or video ad with impact.

Add Text To Your Facebook Videos

Eighty-five percent of videos consumed on Facebook are played with the sound off. People who are using Facebook want information instantly without any extra steps (this means not taking the one second to turn on a video’s sound). While traditional television marketing contains great imagery and intriguing music and dialogue, online marketers must find ways to get their message across without relying on sound.

Brands have found adding text to their videos explaining what is happening can be just as meaningful as sound and potentially keep users engaged for longer periods of time. When creating videos for your hotel, consider the fact your video will most likely be viewed on mute. What type of text will add value to that video?

Go Vertical

Gone are the days where vertical video content was considered amateur. Many brands are jumping on the vertical bandwagon and realizing the potential of vertical video consumption.

Facebook users encounter videos many times throughout the day, they will not take the extra step of flipping their phone to view the shot in a landscape style. Not recording a video vertically could cause potential viewers to scroll past, navigating away from your ad or post.

This does not mean that all of your videos should be shot in a vertical manner, but a vertical shot can be beneficial when shooting single objects. For example, if your hotel has an awesome bar that serves beautifully handcrafted cocktails, shooting a video of the cocktail vertically might be a good option. The best thing for your hotel to do is A/B test different types of videos. Share vertical and landscape videos and determine which get the most engagement.

Get Creative With Videos

Being creative with your Facebook videos and giving guests a totally different perspective will help set you apart from other hotels. Here are a few quick tips to creating standout videos.