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Hotels and TripAdvisor: It’s Complicated

If hotels and TripAdvisor were in a relationship their status on Facebook would read: It’s Complicated.

TripAdvisor has been feeling the heat lately. The consumer-voiced travel review site has dealt with issues in the past, such as hotels claiming certain user reviews are fake, which ultimately harm the hotel’s reputation. More recently TripAdvisor is facing claims from the Advertising Standards Authority that reviews from unverified authors cannot be published on other third party sites. Proving reviewer credibility is an on-going issue for TripAdvisor and, for that reason and many others, the relationship between TripAdvisor and hotels remains complicated.

Nevertheless, consumers continue to turn to the site for travel recommendations, making the site a constant concern for hotels and an online space hotels must maintain. So, the predicament remains for hotels stuck in a love-hate relationship with TripAdvisor.  Let’s dive into the issues at hand for hotels, why hotels need to play the game, and what you need to do as an online hotel marketer to make the best of this troubled relationship.


Let’s start with the positive effects TripAdvisor has on hotels.  There are many components that make TripAdvisor a valuable tool for promoting a hotel and increasing bookings:


With the good comes the bad.  As recent claims against the leading travel review-site prove, hotels find faults with TripAdvisor. Here are some of the issues hotels must deal with in their relationship with TripAdvisor.

How To Get Along:

As an online marketing manager for a hotel there are several actions you can take to make it a happily-ever-after relationship with TripAdvisor.  Follow these basic guidelines to improve the hotel’s TripAdvisor listing and foster a positive affiliation with the review site.

Play by the rules and follow the above recommendations and the hotel can have a long-lasting and loving relationship with TripAdvisor.