Blue Magnet Hotel Online Marketing Guide

How To Improve Hotel Rankings In TripAdvisor

As a hotel internet marketing guy, I get asked this question by hoteliers all the time: “What can I do to improve my hotel’s ranking in TripAdvisor?”

For your convenience, I’m just going to set the record straight: TripAdvisor ranks hotels using an automated tool they call their “Popularity Index.” According to official TripAdvisor website, they describe this Popularity Index as such:

The TripAdvisor Popularity Index incorporates Traveler Ratings to determine traveler satisfaction. Emphasis is placed on the most recent information. We calculate the Popularity Index using an algorithm.

TripAdvisor’s Popularity Index is:

Well, what a shocker. Just like Google, TripAdvisor is pretty opaque when it comes to disclosing to hoteliers what needs to be done in order to improve their hotels’ TripAdvisor rankings. To shed some light on these vague guidelines, I’ll provide some tips on improving your TripAdvisor rankings based on our experience and various discussions with TripAdvisor market managers.

Important factors that may impact the TripAdvisor Popularity Index:

TripAdvisor Best Practices for Hotels:

Managing your online reputation takes a lot of time if you want to do it effectively. Constant management of these various review channels (TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc) is necessary to be successful in social media marketing and management. At the hotel level, be sure to assign a staff member to serve as your “social media champion” and ensure that your entire hotel team is aware of the social media initiatives. In the end, there are many hotel internet marketing companies (such as yours truly) that specialize in hotel social media marketing and management.  Agencies like Blue Magnet can help monitor and manage your listings to ensure you’re always on top of your hotel’s online reputation.