How to Develop and Maintain a Loyal and Engaged Facebook Following

In a world full of ever-changing media platforms and constant technological evolution, it is important to develop and maintain an interactive online relationship with your guests. A social media platform, like Facebook, can bridge the gap between consumers and hotels, making it easier to receive and respond to feedback than ever before. So how can we take full advantage of all that Facebook has to offer in order to develop a community of interactive and loyal fans?

Step 1: Get Your Name Out There

Facebook can stretch your hotel’s name from one side of the map to the other. In order to make that happen, you have to give your guests a chance to find and “Like” your Facebook Page. Here are a few simple places you can share your hotel’s Facebook Page to make it more prevalent on and off the web:

  • Link to your hotel’s Facebook Page on the homepage of your website.
  • Install a placard promoting your Facebook Page at the front desk for new guests to see.
  • Promote your Page on menus, flyers and business cards.
  • Include a link to your hotel’s Facebook Page in your in your email signature.
  • Become a fan of your hotel’s Facebook Page and share it with friends on your personal profile.
  • If your hotel generates blogs or newsletters, link to your property’s Facebook Page within the copy.
  • Encourage fans to share your posts by publishing useful, relevant content they will want to pass on to their friends and family.

By implementing these tips, you will increase your brand awareness on a minimal budget. New and potential guests will now be exposed to your hotel’s Page. Once your name is out there and starting to gather buzz around the web, what kind of content will you need to post to keep your Fans engaged?

Step 2: Post Quality Content Encouraging Fan Interaction took a look at the top 10% of posts published by more than 30,000 Facebook Brand Pages and found posts with photos saw the most engagement – accounting for an astounding 87% of total interactions. In other words, finding the right photo or visual representation of your hotel can go a long way! Here’s how to build and post engaging content:

  • Capture your hotel’s achievements in your posts. Demonstrate why your property is the best and do it with style!
  • Stick to the 80/20 rule. 80 perecent of posts should be comprised of relevant, helpful content for guests and 20 percent of posts should consist of sales-related, promotional content for your hotel.
  • Use photo editing tools like Canva and PicMonkey to create visually compelling posts that will capture the eyes of potential guests.
  • Keep your fans in the loop. Post content that keeps guests up-to-date with what is happening on and around the property. Reflagging? Amenity change? Undergoing renovations? Let your online community know!
    Renovations on Facebook
  • Encourage interaction. Create posts that ask questions and drive responses from your fans.
  • Tag local businesses in the surrounding area. Doing so gives other business’s fans the chance to be exposed to your hotel’s page and content.

Other than weekly posts and word-of-mouth marketing, there are additional Facebook tools to take advantage of when trying to expand your Fan base.

Step 3: Create the Perfect Ad

One of the biggest advantages of having your company on Facebook is the Ad feature. Ad Manager allows you to zero in on specific target audiences who will be researching places to stay in your hotel’s area. With a strong campaign, you can reach potential guests across the globe and foster a solid foundation of loyal fans. Keep the following in mind when creating your ad:

  • Make it visually appealing. No matter the objective of your ad, it needs to stand out in Facebook’s Newsfeed in order to grab the user’s attention. Check out Four Tips to Increase Your Hotel’s Engagement for a few pointers on creating visual content as well as detailed examples of successful Facebook posts. Notice how this engagement ad contains a visual collage that stands out to the user while maintaining clear & concise copy in order to get the point across.
    Create Visually Appealing Posts
  • Use Facebook Insights to learn more about your fans. Who are they? What cities do most of your fans come from? What time of day are they usually online? Use this information and target accordingly.
    Facebook Post Timing Example
  • Keep age in mind. What age group does your hotel attract? What age group does this particular ad target?
  • Make it relevant. Why should potential guests click on your ad? How does it affect them? For example, if your hotel is running a 72-hour booking discount, promote that in your ad campaigns. If a user has already liked your Page, they may show interest in any discounts or special rates your hotel is offering.
    Running 72 Hour Sales Facebook
  • Include a clear call-to-action button. Let your target audience know what action you want them to take.

What comes with this level of attention? You can expect a higher number of comments and inquiries from your fans. Prepare for a lot of feedback, both positive and negative, that requires immediate attention.

Final Step: Keep the Conversation Going

Receive, read and respond. If fans reach out to you, be sure to answer them! This is a great way to get feedback on your services. Also, it demonstrates you are responsive and willing to help when guests are in need.

Remember, maintaining an effective and interactive social media presence is an ongoing process. Since media platforms are constantly changing and evolving, we are frequently faced with the task of coming up with new ways to appeal to our online audience. If you would like to learn more about Blue Magnet’s social media efforts, check out these studies.

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