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For a limited time, Blue Magnet Interactive is offering a complimentary 30-minute digital marketing consultation to help hoteliers make better, more informed decisions during budget season.

Recognized as a trusted digital marketing advisor to the hospitality industry, Blue Magnet has worked with hundreds of hotel owners, management companies, major brands, and individual hotels, to develop and execute smart digital marketing plans to meet their goals. Most of those partnerships have grown from one of these helpful consultations.

Overall, the consultation provides expert guidance on addressing the various digital marketing needs of your company. Best of all, your consultation is led by Christopher Jones, a 20-year veteran of hotel digital marketing and founding member of Blue Magnet.

chris jones,CMO

What Are the Benefits to Me?

Your free digital marketing consultation will equip you with helpful insights such as:

  • How do I select the right digital marketing services to address my hotel’s unique goals and objectives?
  • What is an appropriate digital marketing budget to meet my 2019 goals?
  • How do I decipher the proposals I receive from various digital marketing agencies?
  • How do I compare two or more agency proposals and ensure that what I’m comparing is apples-to-apples?
  • Which new digital marketing trends should be a part of our marketing plan?

Best of all, there is no obligation to use our services. Our expert advice is yours to keep and to use as you would like.

How to Get the Most from Your Consultation?

In order to get the most out of this consultation, please come to the call prepared to discuss:

  1. Your current and potential challenges.
  2. Your current digital marketing goals and objectives.
  3. Your past digital marketing goals and what was done to achieve them.
  4. Your previous year’s digital marketing budget.
  5. Any questions about digital marketing proposals you may have received from other agencies
  6. Any other specific questions about digital marketing.

What if I Need a More Comprehensive Consultation?

This complimentary consultation typically lasts about 30 minutes and covers the core concepts of a digital marketing plan; however, if you require greater assistance, Blue Magnet can arrange a more comprehensive consulting engagement to help your hotel achieve success.

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