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Meet Sean Francis

Director of SEO


Where are you from and how did you wind up at Blue Magnet Interactive?
Born and bred under the big skies of Montana, I wanted more hustle and bustle in my life so found my way to Chicago where I thought I'd be working full time at the Philosophy factory, but since it never opened, I pursued my interest in technology. Once I realized I was tired of getting the 3:00 a.m. phone call saying the servers were down, I applied my technology savvy to marketing and found a home analyzing numbers, writing compelling copy, and helping businesses build relationships with their customers.

What about Blue Magnet/your role at Blue Magnet do you love most?
I love working with passionate people who love digital marketing as much as I do. Whether it is front end development and design, copywriting, or search engine optimization, working next to people who care makes the world of difference.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Chicago?
Each summer I look forward to going to the Bristol Renaissance Faire - which isn't in Chicago exactly, but close enough.

What's a fun fact about you?
Every week for over four years, I produce and host a podcast about topics geeks love to geek out about.

If we lived in a world without internet, what would be your alternate career?
I'd be the guy trying to invent the Internet. I've waited a long time to live in the future! And if I couldn't do that, then I'd be a starving artist trying to write a best selling genre novel while producing my 'zine on geek culture.

What is your favorite/least favorite punctuation mark?
Favorite: Interrobang!?

What song pumps you up/gets your creative juices flowing?
A Talk With George by Jonathan Coulton

Contact Sean

Phone: 877-361-1177 ext. 230