Search Engine Optimization

Hotel SEO by Blue Magnet Interactive

Your customers are looking for a hotel room using Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or some other search engine being invented in someone's garage right now. These search engines are looking to give the best results to your customers' queries about places to stay when they travel. Blue Magnet's search engine optimization techniques will make sure your hotel's website is seen by those searchers.

Blue Magnet Interactive's search engine optimization uses best practices in site architecture, keyword research, and link acquisition to send the signals of quality to the search engines to not only attract visitors to your website but also convert those visitors into guests at your hotel.

So, What in the World is SEO?

Search engine optimization for hotels begins with the design of your site. Blue Magnet Interactive's website templates are built with good SEO in mind because a solid foundation is vital to success. After design comes the compelling content. Blue Magnet writes unique SEO quality content for your sites. Finally, your site needs to be trusted by others which we accomplish by earning and claiming links from other authoritative websites. Your Blue Magnet account manager will help to acquire links from authoritative sites through Google approved tactics. No tricks, no scams, no 'magic sauce' - just hard work creating sustainable results.

Why Does Your Hotel Need Search Engine Optimization?

Google makes over 500 small and large updates to their search algorithm every year. Your competition is optimizing and re-optimizing their pages to improve their positions in the search engines. SEO needs to be a focus of your digital marketing strategy or else you will lose ground. Blue Magnet Interactive's team will keep your site optimized and keep the traffic to your hotel's website growing with sustainable SEO.

Blue Magnet's Approach to SEO for Hotels

Your website is a valuable marketing asset for your hotel and needs to be treated like it. Blue Magnet relies upon proven, sustainable strategies to help get your website in front of people looking for the very accommodations your hotel offers. Today's short cuts are tomorrow's penalties and we want to strive ahead of the competition by building upon our successes, not fixing penalties.

The technical aspects of SEO doesn't change much from one industry to another but targeting specific customers with content requires special knowledge. An agency focused on the hospitality industry understands the different needs each hotel has in its market more than a generic marketing company with no hospitality expertise.

What We Offer

Blue Magnet's SEO services include a full range of on-page, off-page, and technical optimization techniques. From building credible links to optimizing for user experience to managing local SEO channels, Blue Magnet is a full service hotel SEO agency. Our services include:

  • Audits of current content and performance
  • Consistent reporting
  • Growing the search traffic to your website
  • Keyword research and meta content optimization
  • Increasing the conversion rate
  • Negative SEO protection services
  • Local SEO management
  • Site speed, crawl, and index optimization
  • Routine maintenance to keep your site healthy

Contact us to see how we can improve the traffic to your site and increase the revenue for your hotel. We’d love to chat.