Hotel Digital Marketing

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From SEO to OTAs, website optimization to social media, Blue Magnet’s holistic online marketing approach will help your hotel grow your digital presence in the way that’s right for you.


Percentage of digital marketers who saw high returns from metasearch.

source: Koddi


Hotel Search Engine Optimization

To increase relevant traffic to the site, we perform keyword research to make sure we have content on the site for Top-of-the-Funnel, Middle-of-the-Funnel, and Bottom-of-the-Funnel. Effective hotel marketing reaches potential guests at every stage of their buying journey and the keyword optimization strategy — the search funnel aligns with these stages.


Hotel Paid Media

Paid search is a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Paid search allows hotels to present ads to potential guests as the potential guests are actively searching for places to stay.

A paid search campaign targeting these potential guests is managed through an ad auction system, using keyword bidding and an array of targeting strategies, to present tailored ad messaging and links on the search engine results pages (SERP).

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Hotel Social Media​

Blue Magnet’s social media marketing services will ensure that your hotel is active and visible in the social sphere. After conducting a thorough competitor analysis and extensive market research, our team will develop creative content users will want to engage with and that will position your hotel as the local area expert and will promote hotel packages, events, awards, and amenities.

Public Relations

Hotel Reputation Management​

Blue Magnet will monitor and respond to reviews on, Google+, TripAdvisor,, Expedia, or Yelp.

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Reliable Results

Hotel Email Marketing​

Blue Magnet Interactive creates and manages customized email campaigns for our hospitality partners. Email Marketing services include strategy and campaign management, list management, email template design, mobile optimization, copywriting, conversion optimization, integration, quality assurance, and performance reporting.

By implementing best-in-class email marketing practices, your hotel can grow your business by directly connecting with your customers.

Plan Your Attack

Hotel Strategy & Consulting

In the same way you wouldn’t set off on a road trip without a map, you shouldn’t embark on a digital marketing journey without a strategy! The strategy behind digital marketing is what gives it a true purpose and power. While updating individual elements of online marketing may show some increases in overall traffic, it’s the way that all the pieces of digital marketing come together that really impacts your overall website performance. It’s Blue Magnet’s mission to unite all of the online marketing channels with a single message to create the most powerful impact on your website.

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Improve Website efficiency

Hotel Conversion Optimization

Pages on the site are audited and updated to improve the conversion rate of the page or the site as a whole. Internal linking is analyzed to keep web visitors in the sales funnel, moving them towards high converting pages whenever possible and whenever it serves the visitors best interest. We also perform an annual Internal link audit to verify the site is guiding visitors through the strongest path of conversion.

High-converting Ads

Metasearch Ads

Present your best available rate right when potential guests are ready to book on the most popular travel search platforms.  Metasearch ads allow your hotel to compete directly with the OTAs across the following platforms:

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Your Trusted Hotel Marketing Partner

Why Blue Magnet?

Holistic Marketing

Your digital marketing works harder for you when all channels are working in tandem to achieve your goals.

Higher Conversion Rates

Not only will you see increased website traffic, but our conversion optimization tactics lead to higher on-site conversion rates.

More Direct Bookings

The most profitable booking is the one made through your website.  We drive direct bookings and lower OTA dependency.

No Surprises Here

What to Expect
from Stress-Free Marketing

Digital marketing done right is complex, composed of dozens of moving parts that all need to work together in unison.  Let Blue Magnet worry about the website hosting, ad campaigns, content updates, search visibility, and conversion rates so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.