Reputation Management

Build a positive reputation one star at a time

Your business’s online reputation plays a significant role in whether a potential customer makes a purchase with you or your competition. We’ll help you turn naysayers into yay-sayers and boost conversions by connecting with your customers.


The average increase in revenue when a business replies to at least 25% of their online customer reviews.

source: Womply


Benefits of Reputation Management

Respond to customer reviews and reap the benefits of a business that’s in touch with its customers.

Get Valuable Feedback

Diffuse Negative sentiment

Boost Conversions

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Never Miss a Review

Monitor Everything

Customers have a seemingly endless array of sites on which they can register their delight or disgust with your business.  Instead of manually monitoring each site, let Blue Magnet’s review management system monitor the most important review sites for you.  From Google, Facebook, and Tripadvisor to Yelp, Expedia, Twitter, and more, let us be your solution for 24/7 review monitoring.

Fully Managed

We Manage It All

We’ll not only monitor important review sites, but we’ll respond to reviews on your behalf and even report and remove negative reviews that don’t comply with the review website’s policies.  We’ll work with your team to turn negative reviews into happy customers and you have the ability to approval all responses before they’re sent. Be as hands-on or hands-off as you like.

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You Are In Control

Approve Custom Responses

Our team of trained review experts is capable of responding to reviews on your behalf, but most clients prefer to approve responses before they’re sent.  Our reputation management system allows our clients to approve, edit, or reject any of our responses before they are published to the site.  This always gives you complete control of your brand and its communication with customers.

Track Reviews

24/7 Dashboard

Keep track of incoming reviews and the corresponding responses with our online dashboard.  Approve review responses, monitor review volume, alert key staff members to specific reviews, and get an overall view of customer sentiment about your business, all from one convenient dashboard.

Your Trusted Reputation Management Partner

Why Blue Magnet?

Fully Managed

Let our trained team of experts take over the ongoing and time-intensive burden of responding to all your customer reviews.

24/7 Monitoring

We keep an eye on every single review that comes across your property across the major review platforms.

Go Positive

We’ll work with your team to resolve guest issues, turning unhappy reviewers into lifelong brand advocates.

No Surprises Here

What to Expect
from Stress-Free Marketing

Digital marketing done right is complex, composed of dozens of moving parts that all need to work together in unison.  Let Blue Magnet worry about the website hosting, ad campaigns, content updates, search visibility, and conversion rates so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.