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As search engines continue to dedicate more page real estate in the search results to paid advertising, pay-per-click is fast becoming an increasingly indispensable form of digital marketing. Blue Magnet’s expertise spans from paid search and display ads to social media ads and metasearch.


How much more likely PPC visitors are to make a purchase than organic SEO visitors.

source: unbounce


Benefits of Paid Media

The perfect complement to your organic search marketing efforts.

Precise Targeting

Instant Search Visibility

Pay for Performance

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Pay-per-click Advertising

Paid Search Ads

Whether you’re having trouble ranking organically in the search engines for certain key terms, need to promote a last minute sale, or wish to strengthen the overall effectiveness of your holistic digital marketing campaign, paid search can make it happen.  We’ll research the most valuable keywords for your business, recommend appropriate ad budgets, write ad copy, organize and optimize your campaigns, and provide clean reporting so you can see your return.

Visual Search Ads

Display Advertising

Great for branding and very affordable, display advertising allows for demographic, geographic, contextual, and behavioral targeting. We create custom creative and copy for your ads and target your message to the audience most interested in your product or services.

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Social Ads

One of the most efficient and cost effective ways to ensure your message reaches your desired audience, social media ads are an incredibly powerful way to reach your customers. Blue Magnet will work with you to craft a profile of your desired target audience and then craft copy and creative to convert those viewers to customers.  We provide support for the following social media ad platforms:

Hotel Search Ads

Metasearch Ads

If you run a hotel, we understand the challenge posed by commissions paid on bookings lost to the OTAs.  With metasearch adds you can boost your direct bookings by targeting customers as they reach the bottom of their travel-planning sales funnel.  Blue Magnet supports the following metasearch ad channels:

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Our Partners in Paid Media

Paid search, display, social, and metasearch.  We have you covered across every critical ad platform.

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Your Trusted Paid Media Partner

Why Blue Magnet?

Proactive Management

Maximum results only comes from actively managed campaigns. Our PPC work is an evolution, never set-it-and-forget-it.

Holistic PPC

Make your PPC dollars go even further when you enhance your campaigns with our organic SEO services.

Flexible Media Spend

Low budget? No problem! Blue Magnet works with media spend budgets of all sizes and can yield success in most every situation.

No Surprises Here

What to Expect
from Stress-Free Marketing

Digital marketing done right is complex, composed of dozens of moving parts that all need to work together in unison.  Let Blue Magnet worry about the website hosting, ad campaigns, content updates, search visibility, and conversion rates so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.