2018 SEO Trends for Hotels Blog

2018 SEO Trends for Hotel Websites

I find very little value in trying to predict the future, but there is something about the beginning of a new year that brings out the crystal balls and tea leaves in all of us. We all want to prove our expertise by predicting new SEO trends.

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Invest in Good Hotel Photography Blog

Please, invest in some good hotel photography.

Wistful images of friends abroad often fill up my Instagram feed. Beautiful shots of beaches and amazing photos of historic architecture make me long to hop on a plane, especially when the cold of a Chicago winter hits. Honestly, I am often perfect bait for hoteliers to highlight their city, and by extension their hotel, as I scroll through the dream stage of trip planning.

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Year in Review

Blue Magnet’s Year in Review: 2017

2017 proved to be quite the adventure, filled with challenges and victories at every turn. But before we conclude 2017’s riveting tale and embark on our new 2018 story, let’s take a minute to reflect back on some of Blue Magnet’s most prominent memories from the past year – and there’s been a lot.

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Front Desk SEO - Thin Content

Front Desk SEO: Identifying, Expanding, and Avoiding Thin Content

When you review the SEO performance of your hotel’s website, are you happy with the results? If you are failing to rank for many of your targeted keywords, the source of your issues may be thin on-page content. In order to achieve a successful digital marketing strategy, thin and weak content must be avoided at all cost and improved wherever it exists.

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