Does Your Website Stink_ These Six Factors Will Tell You Blog

Does Your Website Stink? These Six Factors Will Tell You

Every now and then you are going to need to take a step back, look at your website objectively, and determine what is working and what is not. It is easy to become attached to certain ideas and elements on a site and stick to ideas that are not actually helpful and that, in some cases, may even be harmful.

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Increase Group Business by Appealing to Event Planners Blog

Increase Group Business by Appealing to Event Planners

As digital marketers, we can ramble off best practices for your hotel’s social media accounts, websites, and search engine optimization until we lose our voices. While our team members are all experts in their fields, we know that we do not know everything. It is important to gather outside insight and gain a fresh perspective when it comes to digital marketing.

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The Future of Web Design - Trends for 2019 Blog

The Future of Web Design: Trends for 2019

Web design is like a fine wine, complex and dynamic. It combines a multitude of skills and knowledge that have an influence on how well a site will be perceived by any given audience. Web design trends change greatly from year to year, constantly raising the digital design bar.

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Tips for Optimizing Landing Page Content Blog

Tips for Optimizing Landing Page Content

Content is king in the eyes of the search engines, and a great search engine optimization strategy begins and ends with great content. If your content does not satisfy the user’s search intent, you are not going to ranks as well as you could in the search results. So how do you write quality content that the search engines will display to users?

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Blue Magnet's Year in Review 2018

Blue Magnet’s Year in Review: 2018

Inspired by the cult classic movie This is Spinal Tap, our motto throughout 2018 was, “Does your digital marketing go up to 11?” From celebrating our 11 year anniversary to partnering with extraordinary new hotels and winning design awards for our new custom websites, 2018 has been a year of challenging the status quo and amping up the volume on who Blue Magnet is and what we do.

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