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Increase Traffic with Our Local SEO for Hotels Guide

Search engine optimization gets written about as a very complex, intricate marketing concept which then creates a high expectation for the results SEO produces. The last thing we want to do is imply SEO is not complex or minimize the expectations of what SEO can do, but we do want to communicate the concept that SEO is really doing only one thing for a website: bringing in more traffic. Traffic, users, site visitors, potential guests, or whatever label you have chosen to apply to the people who come to your website through organic search, are the result of SEO.

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Microsites Improve Revenue for Hotel Restaurants, Event Venues, and More Blog

Microsites Improve Revenue for Hotel Restaurants, Event Venues, and More

Some hotels are cookie-cutter. Most are not. Think about your hotel right now. It has a unique space – perhaps the restaurant with the best burgers the town has ever tasted, or the event venue features jaw-dropping skyline views unlike anything else in the city. It is a standalone spot that would draw in customers even if the hotel never existed… but no one knows about it.

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How To Size Up Your Hotel's Digital Marketing Competition Blog

How To Size Up Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Competition

It is important to look at your competitors in order to know two things:

  1. What digital marketing strategies have other hotels implemented that your property has not?
  2. Are you doing better than the competition on certain digital channels?

New ideas from scoping out other digital marketing strategies may complement your existing plans or give confidence in your current choices.

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