Increase Group Revenue Blog

The Definitive Guide to Increase Group Revenue Through Your Hotel Website

Group bookings drive large, predictable increments of revenue for hotels, but not all hotel websites successfully target this lucrative business. Just because your hotel website does a stellar job driving transient bookings does not necessarily mean it is optimized for room block conversions. If you are looking to increase group booking revenue for your hotel, take advantage of Blue Magnet’s actionable guide for optimizing your room blocks funnel!

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Why Should Hotels Invest in Social Media

Ask the Experts: Why Should Hoteliers Invest in Social Media?

In 2018, an integral part of your digital marketing strategy should be having an active and engaging presence on social media. In this edition of our blog series, Ask the Experts, I sat down with the Director of Social Media at Blue Magnet Interactive, Stephanie Hilger, to answer client’s FAQs about investing in social media.

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Targeting Gen Z Blog

How to Drive Revenue Through Targeting Generation Z

Most of us remember when our phones became smart. We remember the birth of Facebook and the death of dial up. Imagine having all of this technology already at your fingertips from childhood. That is how Generation Z knows the world and it has shaped their buying habits, the way they engage on social media, and their travel needs.

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