Blue Magnet Wins WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

Blue Magnet is honored to share our latest achievement, thanks to our design and development work on a recent site build. Blue Magnet has been awarded the 2018 WebAward for Standard of Excellence in the Hotel and Lodging industry by the Web Marketing Association. This honor recognizes the development of the Hotel at Midtown website, a boutique fitness-pitality property located in Chicago.

2018 web award scores distinguished professionals hailing from companies, such as Microsoft, Razorfish, YAHOO, and Adobe, our website went head-to-head with other websites from our industry with winners selected based on design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copywriting, and ease of use. Scoring 10% higher than the awarded industry average, Blue Magnet’s Hotel at Midtown website is the culmination of modern design combined with usability optimization and conversion funnels, built on a strong foundation of SEO-forward content and open-source backend. Our scores (posted below) reflect the strength and quality of the content on the site. When united with thoughtful, invigorating design, the end result is worthy of praise.

2018 web award scores

We are excited by these scores because they reflect the hard work and planning poured into the Hotel at Midtown website from the beginning to the end of the project. A strong emphasis was placed on a clean modern design supplemented by engaging content that leads users through the booking funnel as seen in the 93.37% increase in the ecommerce conversion rate over the last three months

Led by Senior Project Manager, Brian Surdel and supported by Project Coordinator, Haley Carmichael and Senior SEO Manager and Content Strategist Don Angelo, the Blue Magnet Web Development team is incredibly proud of this achievement. The anonymous judge feedback noted:

“The Hotel at Midtown Website succeeds in its goal of targeting potential hotel guests seeking a boutique Chicago hotel, with added emphasis on those wanting a fitness-focused hotel. The site does inform potential guests of hotel amenities, spa services, and updates such as specials and dining options. The site differentiates itself as a fitness-first hotel, dedicating an individual page to each of the athletic services offered so guests. The site also usefully provides a neighborhood guide. The website’s design effectively conveys the modern yet luxurious appearance of the hotel. Thank you for your submission – well done.”

This feedback could not be any more gratifying for our Web Development team as it touches on all the primary goals of the original build plan. Blue Magnet’s website development process starts with an in-depth discovery process, design wireframing, and goal planning. For this project, our main focus was to showcase the Hotel at Midtown as the premier fitness hotel destination in the city by highlighting the complete range of fitness amenities coupled with the magnificence of the hotel, and based on the judges’ comments, we have achieved our targets!

This honor would not have been possible without the collaboration we had with our partners at Hotel at Midtown. This award shows what can be accomplished when agency and client work together towards a common goal.

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