Case Study: Drive Wedding Inquiries to Hotel

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Our client wanted to use PPC ads to drive wedding inquiries to the independent website and get those website visitors to submit a Request for Proposal.


Create a cross-device ad strategy to target highly relevant wedding-related searches.


Used Google’s Keyword Planner to find historical search volume trends and launched a Weddings PPC campaign via Google Adwords that drove clicks to the independent website. Spent $1,442 in Q1 and Q2 on ads.


Using Google Analytics tracking form on the website, we found the following results from our Weddings PPC campaign in Q1 and Q2 of 2015:

  • Average CPC: $1.30
  • Total Sessions: 1,124
  • RFPs submitted: 29
  • RFP conversion rate: 2.6%
  • RFP cost/conversion: $50.00
  • Estimated ROAS from 1 booked Wedding: 12.87 : 1
  • Estimated ROAS from 2 booked Weddings: 26.74 : 1
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