Creative QR Code Capabilities for Hotels

You know you’ve seen them. You might not be sure what they are, and maybe you’ve never even scanned one, but it looks like they might be sticking around for a while. QR codes continue to grow in popularity.

What is a QR Code?

First let’s define it: QR codes are “quick response” two-dimensional barcodes. Just as it sounds, the codes are a way for people to quickly interact with whatever is behind that black and white grid. The code can be scanned with a phone camera and then directed to a webpage, phone call, or to send a message. QR codes are used as a marketing tactic engaging people through offline means and converting them to online interactions. The codes are becoming more recognizable and can be seen in advertisements, on business cards, on consumer products, clothing, and even body art. They can easily be created online at any number of sites.  In fact, Google even offers its own free QR code generator.  Same with popular URL-shortener bitly.
The capabilities of a QR code seem endless; certainly there is a creative use for them at a hotel, right?

Unique QR Code Uses For Hotels

  • On the Spot Reviews – Create a QR code that directs guests to review sites like TripAdvisor. The code will certainly help increase number of reviews online, and get fresh-on-the-mind opinions from guests at the hotel.
  • Connect Socially – Have codes connect to the hotel’s Facebook and Twitter pages and then prompt the guest to become a fan or follow the page. Build a better fan base on social networks and create current dialogue on the site with guests.
  • Enroll Loyalty Members – Place a code at the front desk that takes guests to the hotel’s loyalty member sign-up webpage to increase hotel’s return-customer base.
  • Inform Restaurant & Bar Patrons – Print a code on the napkin of on-site restaurant that connects to a webpage with the nutritional value of meals on the menu.
  • Online Concierge – Use a QR code to take guests to a local guide webpage. Guests unfamiliar with the area can quickly find and contact local attractions and restaurants.
  • Your Way Home – Create a code that links to a map and directions page. Guests can easily find way around town and return safely home to the hotel.
  • Talk to the Manager – Enable guests to send emails to the hotel. Use a code linking to a message form for guests to leave questions, comments or concerns for the manager.
  • Plan Your Next Visit – Have a QR code set up to take reservations for guests’ next hotel stay. Better yet, showcase other functions of the hotel with options to book meeting space or even wedding receptions.

Things To Consider Before Creating QR Codes

These are just a few ideas, but the trick is not to get carried away. The purpose of a QR code is to provide instant information to the end user on their mobile device. Before ever publishing any QR codes make sure the barcode scans correctly. Also consider the webpage to which the QR code is linked. Scanning takes place on a mobile device, so it is best the code links to a mobile-optimized website, or content that is easily readable on a small screen.
QR codes are fun and enable hotels to interact with guests in a whole new way! Create some QR codes for your guests to scan and engage with your brand online.

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