How Hotels Can Promote The Holidays On Social Media

Today, we’re sharing our top five tips on how your hotel can ride the holiday train via social media! With nearly 100.5 million Americans packing up and traveling during the holiday season, it is the perfect opportunity for your hotel to get into the holiday spirit and make an impact across your social networks. Implementing these tips will not only help grow your social media following, but aid in building strong brand awareness as well.

Create Fun Holiday Profile Pictures and Covers

Creating fun holiday profile pictures and cover photos are two of the simplest ways to deck your social media pages. Your profile picture and cover photo are the first things your followers will see when they get to your page. Add a festive image to get followers and guests staying at your hotel for the holidays excited about the season and and foster engagement with your page. Here are two ways you can give your profile pictures and cover photos a little holiday cheer!

Add A Little Snow

Use Canva to create a festive and wintery snowflake overlay on your cover photos.

Snowflake Facebook Cover Sample

Write A Holiday Message

Add text and ribbon overlays to your images to wish all your followers good tidings during the season.

Happy Holidays Facebook Cover Sample

Run Holiday Specific Ads

Many hotels experience a slow period during the holiday season. A great way to entice people to stay with you instead of on their in-laws’ pull out sofas is by running holiday-specific ads on social media. Use the ads to highlight any fun seasonal events happening at the hotel and any holiday deals you might be offering guests that stay during set dates. By setting up unique targeting, your ads will more effectively reach people traveling this holiday season.

Facebook Ad

Bring a little more attention to Holiday packages with a festive Facebook Ad.

Example of a Festive Facebook Ad

Instagram Ad

Show your fans that there are plenty of fun things to do around your hotel by creating an Instagram Ad highlighting fun local activities.

Ice Skating Instagram Ad Example

Promote A Holiday Giveaway

Everybody likes free stuff, so why not promote a holiday-themed giveaway! Social media promotions could have a huge effect with your social social media following more than just organic growth. Giveaways encourage people to share with friends and family, potentially reaching new audiences. Giveaways and promotions also help build brand loyalty and show potential customers that you are worth following. Follow these four simple rules to ensure that your holiday giveaway is successful.

  • Give away something people actually want.
  • Make your giveaway easy to enter and share.
  • Explain how to enter and what the rules are.
  • Congratulate the winner!

Here at Blue Magnet, we are pros and creating and launching successful promotions and giveaways! Reach out to us today and find out how we can help with your next big promotion!

Share Festive Decorations and Celebrations Around The Hotel

Does your hotel go all out for the holidays? Do you have a big staff holiday party every year? If so, you need to be sharing this on your social media platforms. Show your audience your hotel has a personality and likes to celebrate. By sharing all your festive decor on social media, you show guests that when they stay with you during the holidays, they will get to experience the joy of the season even when they are away from home!

Holiday Facebook Post

Get out your smart phone and start snapping photos of your hotel’s fabulous decorations. These make for easy and fun content for various social media platforms.

Hotel Holiday Decorations Post

Highlight Holiday Events In Your Area

Your hotel’s social media pages should be a travel resource for your guests and followers. Find out what’s happening in your community during the holiday season. Is there a tree lighting, a carol sing along, or a chance to help out at a homeless shelter? These are all great opportunities to show your fan base that your hotel is knowledgeable about your community and get guests excited to be staying with you!

how to promote hotel holiday events

Now Your Hotel Can “Jingle All The Way” To More Followers

While the ultimate goal of your hotel is to gain more bookings, you will inspire more loyalty to your brand by engaging with your followers on a personal level rather than trying to hard sell them. Take advantage of these 5 tips to humanize your property and inspire people not only follow you, but stay with you during the season. Start off small and see how your followers react. Implement one (or all) of these tips, and you will see your fan base grow and engage throughout the holiday season. Want more social media advice throughout the year? Sign up for the Blue Magnet email list for the latest news in hotel marketing!

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