Three Reasons You Should Consider PPC

Pay-per-click is an ever-elusive topic that many companies fear because they don’t quite understand the benefits of running PPC ads. It’s often seen as a side expense or an item to add to the marketing plan if there is leftover budget. However, there are many reasons why your company—no matter the company’s field of expertise—should consider adding pay-per-click to your arsenal of online marketing tools. If your company needs more convincing, review the top three reasons the internet marketing experts at Blue Magnet Interactive strongly recommend running a PPC campaign for your business.

1. Faster Results than SEO

Search engine optimization is arguably the most effective way to increase your online marketing presence and one of the more cost efficient ways because it gives your website exposure in search engine results, ideally leading to conversions. However, search engine optimization has one very important downfall: playing the waiting game. It typically takes four months or more to truly see accurate results from your SEO efforts. For the impatient marketer or client, waiting months is not an option. Wouldn’t it be nice to see more immediate results from the hours you’ve spent trying to build your search engine marketing efforts?  With pay-per-click advertising, results are instant and marketers are able to monitor the success of a campaign as soon as the campaign goes live. As with any marketing campaign, it does take time for a PPC campaign to ramp up and for your efforts to result in conversions, but note that with PPC the decision to start a PPC campaign before (or in tandem with) an SEO campaign depends on the time your company has to wait for results and the amount of money you have budgeted to online marketing.

2. You Control Your Spend

Many companies are under the impression that a PPC campaign is unattainable unless they have a large budget to spend. This is one of the biggest misconceptions of pay-per-click advertising. Your PPC budget is completely in your control, even down to how much you spend per day, the geographic area in which your money is spent, and the keywords you choose to target. Of course, the larger your campaign budget the more exposure your company will receive and the better your chances of making a great return on your campaign. However, you can spend as little money as you have budgeted, target your campaign and make the most out of every dollar you have available

You’re probably wondering, “Why wouldn’t I just skip PPC and focus on SEO since it’s free?”  Often, companies equate SEO with free marketing, but this too is a misconception. Although a marketer isn’t paying for each click on their organic search listing, there is still cost associated with natural search listings. Just a few of the common costs associated with SEO are the hiring of an internal team or 3rd party marketing agency to create the optimization strategy, redesigning a website to be more user-friendly, and paying for listings on outside websites to enhance your link building strategy.  Consider those three costs for SEO and you’ll realize pay-per-click is even more of a cost-efficient option when compared to organic search marketing.

3. Increased Exposure To Your Company’s Website

What company doesn’t love having multiple opportunities to generate revenue and increase exposure? By ensuring you have space in the PPC advertising space of a relevant Google search, you’re securing your seat in the competitive realm of search engine results and making your company known to any potential new clients. Coupled with stellar natural search rankings, your company’s website will be reaching twice the audience it would have with only search engine optimization efforts.  Your ads begin showing almost immediately, thus complimenting your natural search listings. You control your spend. You control the number of people you reach and where your ads show. No matter how much money you choose to contribute, there’s no doubt that by running PPC ads, your company has the opportunity to capture additional chances for customers to find you, thus increasing the chances of conversion throughout your site.

Overall, Blue Magnet Interactive stands firmly behind the concept of a strong pay-per-click advertising strategy. The setup process may be cumbersome and time intrusive for the less experienced marketer, but this shouldn’t be a deterrent from participating the advertising. This is when a company should decide to invest in a company that has the tools, ability, and time to dedicate to completing keyword research, managing your spend, and ensuring your company sees the best ROI possible for your campaign.

Now that you’ve learned the three main reasons you need to consider implementing a pay-per-click campaign, ask yourself if there is anyone at your hotel that’s able to manage the process for you. If not, that’s where Blue Magnet Interactive comes in! We can help you begin the process of pay-per-click management today!

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