What Is the Point of a Landing Page?

You may hear the phrase “landing pages” thrown around the marketing world – but what are they really and why are they important?

A landing page is the first page a user is sent to after clicking on a link, ad, or search result when browsing the internet. For organic search results, Google determines what page to send their user to based on the content and meta information that the page provides. For any paid advertising including AdWords – the user can choose what page the user will see after they click.

If done properly landing pages should send the user to a relevant page with unique and authoritative content about the subject for which they are searching.

A good landing page strategy can:

  • Help search engine rankings for specific keyword searches
  • Increase the effectiveness of a PPC campaign
  • Increase a site’s conversion rate
  • Decrease the bounce rate on a site
  • Add to a site’s overall link-building campaign

Getting Started with Landing Pages

The first step is to sit down and identify the target audience. Do you want to target users looking for “downtown Chicago hotels?” What about “Chicago airport hotels?” Or maybe “hotels near Navy Pier?”

The opportunity for landing pages can be boundless – especially when building a landing page to use in tandem with your PPC campaign. Once you’ve identified the keyword searches you want to target, make sure to build ad copy and a landing page that includes relevant content to what a search engine user may be looking for.  In other words, if you want to attract users looking for “Navy Pier Hotels” – make sure your landing page speaks to your hotel’s proximity to Navy pier, attractions at Navy Pier or other such details.

When building landing pages for organic search rankings, the importance of “relevancy” is paramount. You will need to make sure that the keyword you choose to target is also included in the meta content as well as the copy on the page.

Keep in mind that once a landing page is built it can immediately impact the success of your PPC campaign; however, it could take several months to begin ranking organically in the search results.

Keep these tips in mind for not only your official brand.com website but for standalone sites and blogs as well. With this quick intro to landing pages you can be on your way to increasing your SEO, PPC and overall online presence in no time!