15 Reasons to Love Blue Magnet's Redesigned Website

Today Blue Magnet Interactive is very proud to announce the rebirth of BlueMagnetInteractive.com, a re-envisioned, redesigned, restructured digital masterpiece sculpted from a simple palate of ones and zeroes. We have a new look and a new logo, but it’s the same great company you’ve come to know and love!
Our exciting new site is the nexus of all our social media campaigns, SEO efforts, email marketing campaigns, and networking events. It’s our home on the web, and it’s once again a home we can be proud of.
In honor of our site’s launch, team members that were involved in this project compiled a list of what they are most excited about on the new and improved Blue Magnet Interactive website.

  1. Anna: I feel like we are the lucky contestants on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Ty just revealed our beautiful new home. Our team worked hard to build a site that reflects the company’s character and expertise, and I’m excited for everyone to stop by and visit!
  2. Caroline: I’m excited to unveil Blue Magnet’s new design to the world! We’ve had it under wraps for so long; it’s time to show our clients and potential clients what Blue Magnet is capable of.
  3. Cat: I’m excited that our clients will get to know us better through the “Meet the Team” page. Since our clients are scattered around the world we primarily interact with them via phone and email. It will be fun for them to put a name to a face and get to know us all in a different way.
  4. Chris: I am beyond excited about the the new look in general, but in particular I am most excited about our“Meet The Team” page which will better connect our current and future clients to the amazing talent we have at Blue Magnet. Lastly, I’m excited about the launch of the redesigned blog which will provide much better functionality, allowing Blue Magnet to continue providing a best-in-class resource for everything digital marketing.
  5. Don: The site build process of the BMI redesign embodied what makes Blue Magnet special: our collaborative group of goofballs, pals, and digital marketing geeks. We put our heads together to create an online experience that is unique, search-friendly, user-oriented, informative, and fun. I’m thrilled that the world can become better acquainted with Blue Magnet’s marketing expertise and peculiar (but friendly) personality.
  6. Karie: I’m most excited for the relaunch of the BMI Blog! Our hardworking team constantly stays on top of online marketing trends, and I can’t wait for us to be able to share our creative ideas and knowledge. Also, the newly designed website is going to look very snazzy and I’m excited to show it off.
  7. Maggie: I really love the way our whole team came together to put the site together. It’s exciting to see all of the collaboration that has taken place over the months come to life!
  8. Matt: I love how our new site now showcases our amazing team that works so hard to make this company great. Everyone at Blue Magnet contributes to its success, so it’s only fitting that we adorn the site with the mugshots and profiles of the entire gang. I’m also looking forward to sharing our team’s marketing insights and talent through our resurrected blog.
  9. Michelle: I’m looking forward to having more resources available that will help explain Blue Magnet’s services, as well as supporting case studies to show how digital marketing comes full circle for hotel clients and their bottom line.
  10. Nick: I am looking forward to our sleek, new site design that will show our clients how great we are at building creative and efficient websites. I also am excited for our new headshots and personal stats to be featured on the site so our clients can put a face to the name and get a taste of our awesome BMI culture!
  11. Nicole: I’m really excited for the launch of Blue Magnet 2.0 for many reasons; mainly, I am looking forward to everyone having another opportunity to see what a bunch of hardworking, passionate goofballs we are.
  12. Sammi: I’m extremely excited to have a site reflecting our team, the work we do, and our passion for digital marketing! The new “Meet the Team” page will allow clients and prospective clients to put a face to Blue Magnet.
  13. Sean: Sharing our knowledge of hotel internet marketing with others is one of the many aspects of our new website I’m looking forward to. Digital marketing isn’t dangerous, but there still is no reason to go alone.
  14. Stephanie: I am really looking forward to sharing our redesigned website on social media! Shocker, right? I am also pumped to show my mom and dad.
  15. Tim: RESPONSIVE DESIGN! Having a website which can be viewed across all devices is so important in today’s world and our new, responsive site can adapt to device size with the best of them.

Most importantly, this site is a living resource for our team, our client partners, and the greater digital marketing and hospitality industries. It’s a resource for future team members to see what it takes to be a Blue Magneteer. It’s a directory for hotel partners to connect with our current team. It’s a library with blog articles dedicated digital marketing and hospitality excellence. It’s a conversation with the community we serve. And it’s an example of the amazing things our team is capable of creating when we work together. Thank you to the entire Blue Magnet team for your contributions to this fantastic new site!

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