Are You Guilty of These 6 Facebook Don’ts?

Facebook still reigns supreme as the top used social channel, boasting over 1.86 billion active users. There is no doubt that it is a powerful tool, but in the words of Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Once you create a Facebook Page for your hotel, you open up the lines of communication with potential guests and start to establish yourself as an authority in your local area.

In order to resonate with your followers and earn their trust, adhere to best practices and avoid making these common Facebook faux pas.

Don’t Slack on Graphics

Content performs best when coupled with an image. Text-only content tends to get lost among the countless videos and visuals that dominate Facebook’s Newsfeed. Buzzsumo ran a study and found that posts with images received 2.3x more engagement than posts without.

So what images should you use? Share organic content from your visitors to show potential guests what your hotel has to offer and that you are involved in the customer’s experience. Picodash is a goldmine for user generated content. Sharing UGC is also a great way to showcase your authority on things to do in the area.

Another great resource is Canva. Here, you can easily create your own graphics. To learn how to make your images pop, visit our post on how to use Canva.

Don’t Go MIA

Once you establish your brand on Facebook, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to drop your post frequency. Decreasing your activity can severely hurt your Page; if you are not providing content consistently, users will begin to find you irrelevant. Due to Facebook’s algorithms, the less a user interacts with your posts, the less likely it is that your posts will appear in their Newsfeed. According to Neil Patel, Facebook shows a post on a user’s feed based on four factors: 1) How recently the post was published, 2) The number of engagements the post received, 3) How often the user has interacted with your Page, and 4) Past user interaction with the same type of content. Some of these factors can be tricky to maneuver, but frequency should not be one of them. Posting quality content at least once a day will help keep your Page fresh and relevant.

Another mistake is leaving user comments, reviews, or questions they may have about your hotel or the area, unanswered. You have to be willing and ready to engage with followers when they interact with you.

“People expect social media to be a two-way conversation” – Tina Shakour, Digital & Social Media Strategist at Cisco

Don’t Get Buried by Words

A person’s attention span is about eight seconds. Longer posts can often be shortened quite a bit with content tailoring. Always proofread your posts to see what you can trim. Using a graphic or link can help add more information to your post without weighing it down.

Don’t Go Bananas with Hashtags

hashtag gif

Hashtags are widely used on channels such as Instagram and Twitter, but the general rule for Facebook is to avoid them unless they are relevant to a special campaign. Studies show posts perform better without them. Just look at this 2016 study by Buzzsumo, which analyzed more than a billion Facebook posts over 30 million brand pages.
Hashtag Stats

Remember: less is more, but none is best.

Don’t Fly Solo

Networking is vital to the life of your page. Build your network by interacting with your followers, sharing content from relevant Pages or blogs, and following top influencers in your industry. The stronger your network, the larger your reach and the more trust you will build with your followers. Try flying solo, and you will not see growth.

“An ally in creation is an ally in promotion.” Andy Crestodina from Content Marketing World 2016

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

Spongebob gif

It is easy to fall into a creative rut, but do not be afraid to color outside of the lines! Social media is all about pushing the limits and trying new things that will resonate with your audience. Here are a few ways to get creative.


Videos are becoming one of the top-used media tools to reach audiences. Popular brands such as Buzzfeed and Tasty almost solely utilize videos on their Facebook Pages. On the bottom left is an organically generated video. On the right, one that was shared from another page. Each received excellent results!
Video Post Examples


Gifs are a great way to add a fun element to posts and Giphy is an excellent resource. Remember to only add gifs that fit well with your content and are both relevant and impactful.

Calls to Action

People enjoy interacting with posts. All you have to do is invite them. Try asking them to finish the lyrics to a popular song or post their pictures from within your hotel.

Facebook Lyrics Post
Bird Facebook Post
Providing an incentive for your followers is even more effective. Highlight a winner by tagging them in a post, congratulating them for sharing a clever photo or providing an answer to a question. This is a win-win because you are encouraging more conversation on your Page and acknowledging your followers.

Enough Dont’s. Time for Do’s

You are finally safe from the dreadful Facebook don’ts and they shall never haunt you again. Now what? Let’s recap!

  • Do incorporate graphics
  • Do post regularly and communicate with your followers
  • Do keep posts short and sweet.
  • Do be conscious when using hashtags.
  • Do build a network.
  • Do get creative!

Our social media experts at Blue Magnet will make sure you are always updated in the ever-changing world of social media – so stay connected with us!

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