How to Turn Hotel Updates into a Story on Social

Whether your hotel just opened or has been around for years, change happens! Newer hotels need to spread awareness of their property to both potential guests and the community. Older properties will, more than likely, go through renovations to keep up-to-date or may temporarily close down.

Changes like these may not be something you think to (or want to) share on social media; the last thing you want is an angry guest on your hands. However, disclosing updates like this is important precisely because it can prevent guests from getting upset or confused further down the line. If your hotel is about to celebrate, renovate, or shut its doors, Blue Magnet can help advise you on how to position your messaging.


In the early phases of upcoming transitions, it is vital to let your social media following know that changes are coming so that they can plan their travel accordingly and are not caught off guard upon their arrival. If you are undergoing renovations, be prepared for questions that may arise regarding when renovations will begin and end and what will be under renovation. Be as responsive as you can to potential guests and be sure to give information as it becomes available to satisfy incoming requests.

If you can, offer specific dates on closures that may affect their stay, for example, when your pool will be closed. If you are unsure of the exact timeline your renovations are taking place, it is fine to be vague as long as you are upfront. Remain positive in your responses. For example, “We can’t wait to share these changes with you,” or “We look forward to welcoming you back in the summer when our renovations are complete!” Setting expectations means that you can avoid dissatisfied guests.

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If your hotel is closing, even if it is just for the season, you should let your followers know as soon as you are able to do so. Be sure to include the date that you will close and the projected reopening date and respond to guest comments and concerns in a timely fashion with what information you can provide. Being upfront about closing sooner than later can help to curb foiled travel plans.

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Transitional Period

Once you have photos to share of updates, whether they are renderings of your upcoming bar or the latest images of your rooms, share those on social media! Guests are more than eager to see that their upcoming stay will look like and will likely want to request an updated room based on these exciting photos. In addition to photo and video updates, be sure to share positive reviews from guests showing that renovations did not negatively impact their stay with you. This highlights the value that your hotel continues to offer to guests, despite the renovations going on. If you do not have photos, updates, or reviews to share, offer ideas of activities that guests can do instead. For example, if amenities are closed for the time being or leaving permanently, suggest visiting the beach if your pool is shut down or recommend a nearby restaurant if your on-site dining is under construction.

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Post Renovations

Once your renovations are completed, a grand re-opening celebration is in order! If the event is open to the public, share the information with your followers so they can attend the festivities. If not, post live updates from the event as it happens – from ribbon cuttings and speeches to live music and desserts. Be sure to remind your followers to tune in for updates on social media so potential guests from around the globe can join in on the fun.

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If your property is closing, soon before the closing date, make a farewell post to say goodbye. Have guests share their favorite memories in the comments (comments can then shared as additional content to give valued guests memories to cherish and share in). Giving a proper farewell to your property will leave your guests feeling the love instead of hate.

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Updates Means Sharing Information

If you do not disclose information about renovations or closings, your followers will become disgruntled when they discover the changes on their own. The good news is, you can easily prevent these negative comments and messages by setting expectations and being open about what is to come.

Does your hotel have upcoming changes? What are you doing to anticipate guests’ needs and potential questions? Let us know; our social team is here to offer insight on how we can help your hotel win on social media.

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