Optimizing Websites for Conversion Blog

Customizing Websites for Success: Building Conversion Funnels into the Site Build Process

Building a new website for your hotel is a lot like choosing a new food processor for your countertop. Hear me out.

As you search for the perfect appliance for your kitchen, it’s easy to get swept away by the chrome plating, bright colors (oooh avocado green!), and sleek designs. All of these details are undeniably important, but your new toy also needs to act as a workhorse on your behalf.

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Marketing Chat - Identifying Bad SEO Advice

BMI Marketing Chat: Identifying Bad SEO Advice

sean.francis (Sean D. Francis – Director of SEO, Blue Magnet Interactive): Welcome to Blue Magnet’s first Digital Marketing Slack Chat. Today we are doing a round table on the topic of “What SEO/digital marketing myths/bad advice are dangerous for hoteliers?” This topic stems from a recent article on Forbes.com (collective groan acknowledged) about “Why Misinformation on SEO is so Rampant.” The article is pretty thin and really just points to how fast the SEO industry changes combined with how cloaked in secrecy Google is regarding its algorithm.

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BIog Image - Conversion Rate Tips

4 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Hotels

Good job! Your SEO efforts, referral link campaigns, social media marketing, PPC campaign, and email marketing did their job and got a prospective guest to visit your site. Now all you have to do is convert them from a prospective guest to an actual guest.

I will share with you some principles of conversion rate optimization I have learned over the years. Blue Magnet has started incorporating these principles into our methodology and has been using them on our client websites for the past couple of years. You can begin implementing these principles on your own website starting today.

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Blog - Hotel Content Ideas

Simple Social Media Content Ideas For Your Hotel

There are so many hotels, not to mention other businesses, using social media. So how do you stand out? People look to social media not only for information, but authenticity, and they crave that unique element. You can find those elements in every area of your hotel. Things that may seem mundane to you can be interesting and engaging to a potential guest.

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Facebook Ad Targeting Blog

Helpful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

If you have a Facebook account, I can guarantee you have seen a Facebook Ad. Do you ever wonder why that particular ad showed up in your Newsfeed? Why that necklace you “added to cart” numerous times but have yet to purchase is stalking you as you catch up on the lives of family and friends?

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Content Roadmap Blog

Front Desk SEO: Content Roadmap for your Hotel Website

If you want your hotel’s website to appear in search results, it is vital to have a plan on what content you are publishing, when you will publish it, and how you will make sure both users and search engines will find it. Whether this content is on a brand new webpage, or if this is an existing page in need of a refresh, your strategy towards developing and promoting this content will ultimately determine its success.

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